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The Marti Party #003 | Chris Cano, Aligned Mortgage

For our third episode, Chris Cano of Aligned Mortgage joins The Rebate Guy Chris Marti to talk about how they met, and their unique lives in real estate.

Welcome to THE MARTI PARTY podcast, hosted by The Rebate Guy himself: Chris Marti!

For our third episode, Chris Cano of Aligned Mortgage and The Chris Cano Podcast joins The Rebate Guy Chris Marti to talk about how they met, their unique lives in real estate, and why Cano will never forgive Marti for not making him the first podcast guest.

Since we had so much great information to cover, this episode is actually broken up into two parts!

You can click the parts below to navigate to each section, or just scroll below for the full transcript.

Huge thanks to Chris Cano for coming on and sharing his stories, experiences, and knowledge with The Marti Party!

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Part 1 – Interview Transcript

Chris Marti: [00:00:14] Hey, everybody, welcome back to the Mardi Party. And this is episode three where anything goes. We have an extremely special guest with us. His name is Chris Connell. One of my best friends, owns a mortgage company. And it’s going to get it’s going to get interesting. So welcome, Chris.

Chris Cano: [00:00:30] What’s up.

Chris Marti: [00:00:31] Man? What’s up, man? Good to have you here. It’s good to have you here.

Chris Cano: [00:00:34] Oh, yeah, that’s right. Just real quick, get through some of the basics. This podcast is sponsored by a line mortgage, the preferred lender of rebate house.

Chris Marti: [00:00:44] Actually were talking at lunch and I was like I said, do you think he’s going to let me guide the conversation? Ethan’s like, no, he’s going to talk the whole time.

Chris Cano: [00:00:50] Hey, dude. But I think a very important question I’ll address right away is why are you having lunch with Ethan Dog?

Chris Marti: [00:00:55] Why have I have.

Chris Cano: [00:00:57] Since business to guaranteed rate.

Chris Marti: [00:00:58] Guaranteed rate that is kind of that is kind of weird. Yeah, absolutely. Anyways well would you.

Chris Cano: [00:01:03] You could do better at lunch.

Chris Marti: [00:01:05] We could do better at lunch. Ethan, give us a, give us an answer.

Chris Marti: [00:01:07] Why do you send your business to guaranteed rate? Trevor That’s awesome. Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:01:12] So Ethan is the star of Fast and Furious ten. You know, it’s all about family. Oh, get it?

Chris Cano: [00:01:18] You could have gone Godfather.

Chris Marti: [00:01:20] I could have got Godfather.

Chris Cano: [00:01:21] But you went. Why ten?

Chris Marti: [00:01:22] That’s the last.

Chris Cano: [00:01:23] Nine aren’t family?

Chris Marti: [00:01:24] No, I think Ten is. I think Ten’s the new one. He’s starring in it.

Chris Cano: [00:01:26] Ten is straight family.

Chris Marti: [00:01:28] Straight family.

Chris Cano: [00:01:29] All the last movies of anything are super woke. The last toy story is woke now.

Chris Marti: [00:01:33] Well, that’s.

Chris Cano: [00:01:34] Fast and furious is.

Chris Marti: [00:01:35] Yeah we talked about everything is like super fast.

Chris Cano: [00:01:37] Everything is woke die hard.

Chris Marti: [00:01:39] 1717. Yeah, absolutely. All right. Well, let’s let’s real this in.

Chris Marti: [00:01:44] And tell us about yourself because people on our podcast don’t know who you are. So who is Chris Cano?

Chris Marti: [00:01:48] Who we’ve got.

Chris Cano: [00:01:50] Viewers. I know, but what viewers?

Chris Marti: [00:01:52] People that would be buying homes, maybe they don’t know why you own a mortgage company who you are.

Chris Cano: [00:01:56] Well, I just want to know so I can describe myself properly. So your audience are viewers. Your viewers are builders and builders.

Chris Marti: [00:02:03] Sales reps, people looking to buy real estate in San Antonio. Got it. Investors.

Chris Cano: [00:02:06] Okay. So my name is Chris Kono from the south side of San Antonio. About a 725 FICO score. Got a little bit of money in the bank. We we run a mortgage company called Align Mortgage and we educate veterans. We facilitate the VA loan itself. Man, I don’t know. I’m just a dude trying to figure it out like everybody else. Absolutely. With a microphone and a couple of good ideas in marketing. That’s what attracted.

Chris Marti: [00:02:37] Us. Absolutely. Well, and I think that for.

Chris Marti: [00:02:39] For me and for just people in general, it when people see realtors and they see owners of mortgage companies and things like that, they assume, you know, obviously the background is you’re coming from money. You’ve been in the business a long time.

Chris Marti: [00:02:50] But that was not your start. Right? I’m an owner. I’m a founder.

Chris Cano: [00:02:54] Percentage owner. Are you because I thought Meredith Andre.

Chris Marti: [00:02:57] I have a I am a majority owner.

Chris Cano: [00:02:59] Does Meredith know?

Chris Marti: [00:03:00] I think so. Okay. Meredith knows. Okay. Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:03:04] So because if Meredith weren’t part of it, you’d be you’d be screwed. I know.

Chris Marti: [00:03:08] That. No, it’s good. We are good.

Chris Cano: [00:03:10] It’s 75, 25, 75, 25. Anyway, so congratulations on ownership.

Chris Marti: [00:03:14] Thank you. Absolutely. So so people wouldn’t assume.

Chris Marti: [00:03:18] From that obviously you’re not coming from money but you’re upbringing was not that so tell us about a little bit about that.

Chris Cano: [00:03:23] You like about how we are.

Chris Marti: [00:03:24] Poor just where y’all grew up like what was it like?

Chris Cano: [00:03:27] Do you want to so do you want me to talk about how I was poor or how my dad didn’t make a lot of money? What do you want to. I don’t get your question.

Chris Marti: [00:03:34] My question is, what was your upbringing like?

Chris Cano: [00:03:37] But then you talked about what did you.

Chris Marti: [00:03:38] Say after that? That people – everyone assumes that like owners of big businesses like that, they didn’t have to work for it. They always they just fell into it. I did. Absolutely. Yeah. So you did not fall into it. You had to work for it?

Chris Cano: [00:03:48] No, I didn’t.

Chris Marti: [00:03:48] Yes, you did. Well, how do you know? I know the story. You’ve told me the story.

Chris Cano: [00:03:52] Okay. Yeah. So we grew up on food stamps.

Chris Marti: [00:03:54] Okay? Absolutely. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:03:57] I mean, dude, I. We grew up on food stamps, and then I worked hard because I didn’t I didn’t want to only be limited by what food stamps buy.

Chris Marti: [00:04:04] Absolutely. We worked hard. Okay. But you just tell us about what that was like.

Chris Cano: [00:04:10] About how it was like what it was like on food stamps or.

Chris Marti: [00:04:12] Working hard.

Chris Cano: [00:04:14] Why? Dude.

Chris Marti: [00:04:15] I did it. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:04:18] Okay. Well, dude. Yeah. So, anyways, I think what you want to know is what it was like being poor.

Chris Marti: [00:04:28] Absolutely. What was it like being poor?

Chris Cano: [00:04:30] No. So we grew up on the the rough side home green. Right. You know, you’ve seen at summit the 544 that we have blast everywhere. That was my address growing up. 544 You know my dad on Christmas Eve, I must have been like eight years old, so it must have been 1991. Okay, guys, breaking in. Dad pulls out his magnum, shoots the dude. He didn’t die. But now we have a whole gang in our front yard. And before the police could show up, we’re all freaking out as little kids. So, man, we were in the hood. Hood? I didn’t know that we were poor until I got to high school, went to Alamo Heights High School. We use my grandmother’s address, shout out to people who don’t know where kids actually live. And you can use any address to go to Alamo Heights. And that’s where I learned to talk real good. And and so people are showing up in Mercedes and BMW and I kind of got lost a little bit in regards to who we were and join the Navy after that. And I got a lot of work ethic from the Navy and then just got out and started grinding in the mortgage world.

Chris Marti: [00:05:28] Dude, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:05:29] I don’t care about being poor, though, you know? You know, because you probably understand this, bro. You get to a certain level of success and then you realize, do what’s it all for. You know, you’re successful, but nobody likes you. You know, your wife divorces you. And so I’m back to home. Green type mindset, bro.

Chris Marti: [00:05:45] Good. That’s really, really good. That is.

Chris Cano: [00:05:46] Rich.

Chris Marti: [00:05:47] It’s not money, it’s things. It’s experiences.

Chris Marti: [00:05:50] Thing. It’s nothing.

Chris Cano: [00:05:51] It’s more things. It’s not about it’s not about your children.

Chris Marti: [00:05:54] It is about your children.

Chris Cano: [00:05:55] It’s about the JS your children are wearing.

Chris Marti: [00:05:58] Yeah. It’s not you guys. It’s not that.

Chris Cano: [00:06:00] I thought you said that you won’t edit this, will.

Chris Marti: [00:06:02] You know, I swear, it’s like I.

Chris Cano: [00:06:05] Need to know what’s in your.

Chris Marti: [00:06:06] Heart. I said things as, like, experiences. Yeah, absolutely. Like things like experiences. Yeah, absolutely. Moving on. Okay. So obviously we we.

Chris Marti: [00:06:16] Met about two years ago. It’s been like a long two and a half years probably for U of A of our.

Chris Cano: [00:06:22] Was it only two and a half years ago? Has it been three or four, right?

Chris Marti: [00:06:24] No.

Chris Cano: [00:06:25] When we closed your first loan over on Austin Highway was August 2020, buddy.

Chris Marti: [00:06:29] It was all gets to 2019.

Chris Cano: [00:06:31] Yeah, August 20. So we’re coming up on three years.

Chris Marti: [00:06:33] Yeah, coming up on three years. They did the loan for when we lived in civil level.

Chris Cano: [00:06:37] Hey, how come? So that was when we were at our like straight brand.

Chris Marti: [00:06:40] New brand new you guys to just I just.

Chris Cano: [00:06:41] Love Veterans United and and yeah we were already aligned at that but yes.

Chris Marti: [00:06:46] You were aligned mortgage Austin Highway.

Chris Cano: [00:06:47] And you knew that we did our closing recordings and the confetti and all that you do. You wouldn’t let us do.

Chris Marti: [00:06:53] It for you. I did not want you all to record it because I was worried that other lenders were going to get upset that that they didn’t do my loan because that a relationship with other lenders at the time and.

Chris Cano: [00:07:01] I didn’t have relationship with other realtors. So but you keep me in the closet and I’m just like, over here, supposed to take you out my car and drive you around.

Chris Marti: [00:07:08] But that was that was you all got a one off loan. That was a weird loan that you all got.

Chris Cano: [00:07:12] What do you mean.

Chris Marti: [00:07:12] What was what? You obviously had no idea who you were. I didn’t really know you at the time or anything about you. And you all got that loan because Cody. Cody knew Rick and and and Joey and. Yeah, and Cody. Cody got that loan. So that was just a situation where we were buying Bella Vista home. Cody had a relationship. I had no idea who Cody was either. And they were basically like, Yeah, we like they were like a friend and family.

Chris Cano: [00:07:34] Yeah, I met Alex.

Chris Marti: [00:07:36] Marty first. Yes, Alex.

Chris Marti: [00:07:37] That was a good experience.

Chris Cano: [00:07:38] Dude calls in super hyper emotional, right? Is he still like that?

Chris Marti: [00:07:43] Still like that.

Chris Cano: [00:07:44] He needs to chill out. Alex, if you’re watching this, you need to calm down, bro.

Chris Marti: [00:07:47] Someone else I know is like that.

Chris Cano: [00:07:49] Who?

Chris Marti: [00:07:50] Who was like that? You are? Yes, you have you.

Chris Cano: [00:07:55] Dude, have you noticed in the last, like, four months, like, I’m a lot more.

Chris Marti: [00:07:57] You’re a changed man. He’s a changed man. Yeah, absolutely. That’s good. So you, Alex? Very similar. Very similar.

Chris Cano: [00:08:05] Yo, you want to talk about my past?

Chris Marti: [00:08:06] Let’s get into it. No, we’re not going to get into it, Alex. Call it. But why did he call? I want to. I want to hear your side. Why did my brother call you upset?

Chris Cano: [00:08:13] To complain about Joe Sparta?

Chris Marti: [00:08:15] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:08:16] Yeah. Shout out to Joel. What’s up, dude? But, yeah, he was all pissed. You know, Joel was doing his loan. He calls me, like, guns blazing, like, you know. And, dude, I used to house a lot of the angry realtor calls because our loan officers were so new back then that I was worried on how they’d conduct themselves in that situation. And so I took Alex’s call. So by the time you come around, I didn’t, you know, I thought you were the dude that was mad that day, because I just remember Marty and and I think it was right around the time billboards were starting to come up on my radar. And who’s this dude? What’s this suit stuff? And then was it Before You Close or after where? We got into my conference room and we had kind of like a marketing discussion that.

Chris Marti: [00:08:57] Was after we closed. That was after that was the one that was the one meeting we ever had at Austin Highway. Yeah. Because by that time you were already, you already bought your new location at Summit and you were spending most of your days over there at that point because we all moved in there like end of 2019 or early 2020, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So absolutely. It was after we closed, but we.

Chris Cano: [00:09:15] Had no Alex still doing real estate.

Chris Marti: [00:09:17] He is he has a closing today.

Chris Cano: [00:09:19] Here in San Antonio.

Chris Marti: [00:09:19] Here in San Antonio. How long were you all at Austin?

Chris Cano: [00:09:22] We were at Austin Highway for three, three years, I think.

Chris Marti: [00:09:26] I kind of came in at the tail.

Chris Cano: [00:09:27] End. Yeah, three years. Yeah, dude, I remember shout out to my brother Lino, whose wife Theresa works a rebate.

Chris Marti: [00:09:33] Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:09:33] Quick question. Why does why does Teresa say she’s the best agent at rebate house? Do you all have, like, an internal thing? She is the visa. Visa also really good though too. These also are the best. I get it.

Chris Marti: [00:09:45] Everyone feels like how at?

Chris Cano: [00:09:48] What is it? Is it a guaranteed rate where they all call themselves like VP?

Chris Marti: [00:09:54] Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:09:54] Their vice.

Chris Marti: [00:09:55] President. Vice president advises.

Chris Cano: [00:09:57] Everybody is a Kamala Harris. Right.

Chris Marti: [00:09:59] So absolutely. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:10:00] Anyways, you’re the Kamala Harris of mortgages. Good job. Absolutely guaranteed rate you all you know where how long was that marketing meeting.

Chris Marti: [00:10:08] Everyone had everyone abbreviate house is.

Chris Cano: [00:10:10] All right does anybody have any good ideas on titles today? Well, I got to go to lunch in 10 minutes. Let’s call everybody a VP.

Chris Marti: [00:10:16] Vp? Yeah, VP of Sales. Yeah, they’re all owners.

Chris Marti: [00:10:19] They’re on their own and they get laid off.

Chris Marti: [00:10:22] Oh, I’m lucky.

Chris Cano: [00:10:23] E, did I think you? I think you go too far on this podcast.

Chris Marti: [00:10:26] I’m sorry. You’re right. We got to dial it back.

Chris Marti: [00:10:28] Okay, so let’s talk.

Chris Marti: [00:10:29] About what’s going on in your life. You’re getting married.

Chris Cano: [00:10:31] Hey, what episode is this?

Chris Marti: [00:10:32] You’re getting married. Is this episode three? You’re getting married? Yeah. Why are you getting married?

Chris Cano: [00:10:38] Well, to be honest with you, bro, cause I’m just tired of being poor.

Chris Marti: [00:10:41] Absolutely. You’re marrying into money?

Chris Cano: [00:10:43] Yeah, marrying. And the money. So, dude, my sweetheart Marissa, you know what? Are we on? Six years and, man, I love her, man. I’ve known for about three years. I wanted to marry her. I think it was two years ago on my birthday that I propose. So I just passed the two year mark. Two year engagement.

Chris Marti: [00:11:01] That’s good. Let’s help.

Chris Cano: [00:11:02] How long were you engaged?

Chris Marti: [00:11:03] For once.

Chris Cano: [00:11:05] That’s good. That’s. That’s not bad, though, dude, because if I would have had it my way, it would have been four months.

Chris Marti: [00:11:09] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:11:10] But two years is already too much. One year was getting a little crazy because if you give yourself that much time, you’ll change your wedding plans all the time.

Chris Marti: [00:11:18] That makes a lot of sense.

Chris Marti: [00:11:20] Oh, yeah, we.

Chris Marti: [00:11:21] Just get it done quick.

Chris Cano: [00:11:22] Just get it done, man.

Chris Marti: [00:11:23] But you’re doing it right. You’re doing. You’re doing like couple. Yeah, premarital counseling, right? We should have done that. Didn’t do that. You know, you’re doing.

Chris Marti: [00:11:30] All the right meetings and have a wedding planner. We. We did it ourselves. You did it the right way.

Chris Marti: [00:11:35] Thanks, bro. We we have a.

Chris Cano: [00:11:36] Myriad of I mean, yo, we’re just like, I mean, not to say Marissa and I weren’t compatible, but you and Meredith are an awesome team, dude. That’s good. I think some people just naturally can work through and navigate marriage, you know? But I think some people should probably talk about some stuff up front.

Chris Marti: [00:11:51] That makes.

Chris Cano: [00:11:51] Sense. A girl was cutting my hair at the boardroom and she cuts my hair all the time. And I asked her, How’s your new husband? Because she had just gotten married and she was like, We’re fighting. And I said About what she said. Politics and it was right as like pro life. Pro choice was was like three weeks ago as a hot topic and abortion. And I go, how did you not know your husband was your dated? And you don’t ask, hey, how do you feel about babies? Like so, you know, I think it’s interesting how some people are married and then it takes a political issue to be like, you vote that.

Chris Marti: [00:12:27] Way, right? Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:12:28] You and Meredith were probably pretty.

Chris Marti: [00:12:30] Yes. I have a problem where I can’t not talk about everything, everything.

Chris Cano: [00:12:34] Even secrets. People will say, don’t tell anybody.

Chris Marti: [00:12:36] Absolutely so never, never tell me those. Never tell me those. I can’t literally cannot help it.

Chris Cano: [00:12:42] Do you get so you get excited when somebody tells you a secret.

Chris Marti: [00:12:44] Not excited. It’s not that, that’s not how my brain works at all. It’s just like I’m like, who would need to know this? And I, like, start thinking about, like, all the answers on everybody.

Chris Cano: [00:12:54] So I start with a Facebook post.

Chris Marti: [00:12:57] Sorry, the facebook post.

Chris Cano: [00:12:58] I assume all my Facebook friends want to know.

Chris Marti: [00:13:00] Yeah, like, like for your wedding roster. Like, I feel like I need to just tell everyone who’s on there and who isn’t, you know?

Chris Marti: [00:13:05] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:13:06] So sometimes I feel like I need to hit you hard.

Chris Marti: [00:13:09] No. So I.

Chris Cano: [00:13:09] Know what it’s like to feel like you need to do.

Chris Marti: [00:13:11] Something. Absolutely. You should not do that. Absolutely. So your backyard looks crazy.

Chris Marti: [00:13:17] It’s a war zone back there. What are you doing back there?

Chris Cano: [00:13:19] So shout out to Rebate House. Shout out to Teresa. She found us a beautiful home. And to be honest with you, we weren’t even really looking for a home. Like, we kind of were still leaning towards building because I still had that property over on Crescent. That rebate house helped me buy. Right. The 1.5 or one and a quarter acres.

Chris Marti: [00:13:37] Yeah. I1a quarter acres and almost park right by the dam.

Chris Cano: [00:13:39] Yeah. And so then Teresa’s like, hey, I got a property I’ll need to check out. And so we went there one day after work. I didn’t, I don’t know if I’d ever been to Hollywood Park up until then. Right. And so we’re driving through all these back neighborhoods and I’m like, No, I don’t think so. Teresa And then, oh, like this house just appears out of nowhere and fell in love. And then as I started clearing the backyard, Marissa and I were kind of like, This might be an okay place to get married.

Chris Marti: [00:14:03] That’s cool.

Chris Cano: [00:14:04] And did you say.

Chris Marti: [00:14:05] Girl, that’s cool.

Chris Cano: [00:14:08] Great and cool. That’s cool.

Chris Marti: [00:14:09] That’s cool.

Chris Cano: [00:14:11] And so duty was either like spend two, $300,000 doing a wedding venue, wedding venue or two 300,000 doing landscaping, you know. So that’s.

Chris Marti: [00:14:22] Really neat.

Chris Cano: [00:14:23] Anyways, turned out the landscaping is getting closer to about 600,000, so I still blew that. So you know how expensive landscaping is, bro? It’s ridiculous.

Chris Marti: [00:14:32] It’s very expensive.

Chris Cano: [00:14:33] I’m I’m literally about $180,000 in right now. And all you can see is about an extra two inches of dirt everywhere and some pretty cleaned up.

Chris Marti: [00:14:41] Okay. But for context. But for context, you know, you had basically almost two acres at this point with the additions you bought completely cleared. You’ve got old cedar trees with big roots that are getting ripped up. Right. There was work that was done. And they’ve also you’re building, I believe, like multiple tiers, right? Yeah, right. There’s there’s work in there. So it’s really cool.

Chris Cano: [00:15:00] Speaking of multiple tiers, man, how late you stay up last night?

Chris Marti: [00:15:05] What time is it? Like 11, like early twelves? Late 11.

Chris Cano: [00:15:09] Well, I don’t know. That was kind of like a cry yourself to sleep.

Chris Marti: [00:15:11] Oh, God, this was. You talk too long about your house. I was going to make a joke about the guy who owns the mortgage company that was running for a million years.

Chris Cano: [00:15:19] What happened?

Chris Marti: [00:15:20] Nothing. He just should not rent. When you own a mortgage company, you should own something.

Chris Cano: [00:15:25] Oh, you referring to me?

Chris Marti: [00:15:26] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, do. Do you like so one?

Chris Cano: [00:15:30] I’m already episode.

Chris Marti: [00:15:31] Three. Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:15:33] So two, I’m episode three and you’re trolling me on episode three, right?

Chris Marti: [00:15:38] I’m sorry.

Chris Cano: [00:15:38] You’re right. Okay, dude. So, like, I don’t get why the first two episodes and now I’m three. Like, tell me about your first two guests.

Chris Marti: [00:15:47] Our first two guests.

Chris Cano: [00:15:48] So much more intriguing than I am.

Chris Marti: [00:15:49] No, that’s not what it is at all.

Chris Marti: [00:15:52] That’s different. It’s different people with different crew.

Chris Cano: [00:15:55] Because I’m not James Poole.

Chris Marti: [00:15:56] Absolutely. Yes. But it’s it’s different situations. We want to hear about all life, all life in different walks of life.

Chris Cano: [00:16:03] But don’t you want to like kind of so. Yeah, dude, I don’t know. I mean, I would just start with the, you know, I’d start with your.

Chris Marti: [00:16:10] So you want to be first?

Chris Marti: [00:16:11] Absolutely. You wanted to be first. Absolutely. I understand.

Chris Cano: [00:16:15] You haven’t aired them. I can be episode one still.

Chris Marti: [00:16:18] We can literally make it. So episode three is going to become the. You’re going to be the pilot. You’re going to be the thing that decides if the whole series gets canceled or not. Well, we’ll put it out there.

Chris Cano: [00:16:25] Hey, so you know, you guys at Rebate House, you’re becoming a hot commodity right now. There’s a lot of stuff floating around about you and yes, you that that that dinner y’all had with Jack and New Braunfels.

Chris Marti: [00:16:37] Oh, gosh.

Chris Cano: [00:16:38] And now I want to have you and Jack on my podcast. Yes. And have you all just kind of duke it out? Not duke it out in a bad way, but duke it out with because y’all’s platforms are so different.

Chris Marti: [00:16:47] Absolutely. I mean, I think that we are set up for the way the market is going. I think that as things get harder, we are a little bit more. Leveraged right to get kind of gangster in the way that it it’s getting tough out there. And I think that a lot of people are looking to kind of retract marketing dollars and spend and we’re trying to go the other way. You know, I.

Chris Cano: [00:17:05] Was talking about you on the sauce the other day. Dang. And he was like, Dude, I haven’t met Marsha. I need to meet with Martina.

Chris Marti: [00:17:10] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:17:12] Did you?

Chris Marti: [00:17:13] We’ve never met. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:17:15] Yeah. Ethan’s probably met with a lot of brokers.

Chris Marti: [00:17:19] Absolutely. He does eat the other.

Chris Cano: [00:17:22] Mcdonald’s, Whataburger.

Chris Marti: [00:17:23] Eat the deals. They’re. They’re compliant. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:17:27] Hey, you work hard to keep Ethan happy.

Chris Marti: [00:17:29] I don’t know, man.

Chris Cano: [00:17:30] Valuable. He’s a hot.

Chris Marti: [00:17:31] Commodity. Ethan is a hum right now. Ethan is a hot commodity, but I think that he’s going to work that out on his own. You know.

Chris Cano: [00:17:37] I would hire Ethan right now.

Chris Marti: [00:17:38] Absolutely. I’m sure a lot of people would. What if? What if? What if, Ethan.

Chris Marti: [00:17:42] The whole time has just been, like, undercover. What if Ethan has never really been entertaining anyone who might be watching this that have offered him jobs? And what if he’s, like, the best undercover agent that we ever have and all he’s doing is going in there to find out.

Chris Marti: [00:17:52] Split’s conf structure. You know what? If we are that good, what if we are literally that good?

Chris Cano: [00:17:59] I don’t think that’s the case because most of the time Ethan starts the meeting with Don’t tell Marty I’m here, you know? So I think, yeah, I don’t, but I get you.

Chris Marti: [00:18:08] Like we could. We could, we could. Absolutely. There was a there was a time there was a time that we knew where Ethan was at all hours of the day.

Chris Cano: [00:18:17] Hey, dude, is it true that James Smothers came to one of y’all’s meetings as a gold representative?

Chris Marti: [00:18:24] Was he really like or was he. No, no. I think there was absolutely a lunch that was scheduled so that we could hear about Gold Financial by James Smothers.

Chris Cano: [00:18:32] So wild to me. So you know, you want to talk undercover. James was like under the mattress. Doug He was.

Chris Marti: [00:18:39] Like.

Chris Cano: [00:18:39] The guy under the bed, man.

Chris Marti: [00:18:41] James literally had to call the t shirt company to be like, Stop the embroidery stuff.

Chris Cano: [00:18:47] He didn’t already have a pillow.

Chris Marti: [00:18:49] They had to, like, stitch it and put it back to a light for James. We love James. Yeah, absolutely. So there’s James. Who’s that? Right. And then the other one. That’s the other one that’s really bad.

Chris Marti: [00:19:00] With me is Cody. Cody and me cannot have a conversation with each other. We don’t understand what the other one’s saying.

Chris Marti: [00:19:05] But Cody feels that he has so much.

Chris Marti: [00:19:06] Pool with me that he can never come out here, never see me, never do anything. He just pick up the phone, be like, Yo, bro, you got those deals coming and that’s all.

Chris Marti: [00:19:13] That’s all he needs to do for me. I don’t need anything, Cody. Just call me bro, and it adds to the business.

Chris Cano: [00:19:18] Well, I mean, he’s pretty to the point, you know?

Chris Marti: [00:19:21] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:19:22] So Cody is interesting, man. I think he knows that. I spent a lot of time with you. Right. And as partners, we do our best to, like, kind of divide and conquer.

Chris Marti: [00:19:32] That makes.

Chris Cano: [00:19:32] Sense. And, you know, I just I mean, it does suck coming all the way out here.

Chris Marti: [00:19:38] I understand that. It makes it makes sense. Absolutely. Well, literally, I we ask because.

Chris Cano: [00:19:44] Dude, you’re you’re a great destination rebate has a great destination. But dude 35 just sucks. You do it all the.

Chris Marti: [00:19:50] Time the other way.

Chris Cano: [00:19:51] I tell you, man, I don’t know how you.

Chris Marti: [00:19:52] Do it every day.

Chris Cano: [00:19:53] You know, do you think about 5:00 whenever you’re two and from.

Chris Marti: [00:19:58] No, you’re thinking you either have to leave early at like three or you have to leave late at like seven. Like, like five is a number. You don’t think about it. It’s either early or late.

Chris Cano: [00:20:05] Yeah, I watch you and Meredith, dude do it, and y’all take two cars and y’all leave one somewhere, and you all, you y’all just all over the place. That’s like, dude, that’s strategic. But also, like, that gives me anxiety.

Chris Marti: [00:20:17] No, it’s absolutely a lot. But Ruffles is up and coming. We were talking about that with the developments around the corner, like here in.

Chris Cano: [00:20:25] 35. You know, you know, the people that talk about their cities is up and coming.

Chris Marti: [00:20:28] It’s true.

Chris Cano: [00:20:30] People who, like are live in cities that just aren’t there yet. Okay.

Chris Marti: [00:20:33] We’re not there yet, but we’re up and we’re absolutely we’re up and coming and there’s a lot of opportunities. So Cody should come out here and see all the Opportunity that there is in Braunfels.

Chris Cano: [00:20:41] Yeah. Or he could just tell you to send him the opportunity.

Chris Marti: [00:20:44] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:20:45] I mean, look at Trevor, dude. I mean, like Trevor has got Ethan on a lot. Absolutely. Trevor is just like, yo, you got that deal?

Chris Marti: [00:20:52] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:20:52] You know, Ethan, probably. Hey, so sorry, Trevor. So there’s no. No, it’s coming soon. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Chris Marti: [00:20:56] Tory That’s.

Chris Cano: [00:20:59] Ethan is.

Chris Marti: [00:21:00] Ethan goes to the store for Trevor. He buys the baby formula.

Chris Cano: [00:21:04] How do you like? Okay, so there. There is a.

Chris Marti: [00:21:06] Relationship. Yes, there’s a relationship. How do I break? But they’re kind of like pretend brothers. Yeah, they’re like X step brothers.

Chris Cano: [00:21:13] But I’m a real talk some about Trevor dude because he’s I don’t know if it’s like, you know, the, the, the jaguar cologne or you know what it is. I just that stings your nostrils, right? Like the dudes on my wedding list. And I don’t know that I think about I don’t know why.

Chris Marti: [00:21:26] Absolutely. So is he getting cut right now?

Chris Cano: [00:21:28] So I’m over here bashing Ethan, but I’m also like, yo, Trevor kind of has me like that, too. He I took him to a Cowboys game.

Chris Marti: [00:21:36] So he’s like, he’s like your man crush.

Chris Cano: [00:21:38] Hey, did you all know at the Cowboys game that he was leaving already? Y’all, for real? Like, be honest. Okay.

Chris Marti: [00:21:44] That’s off camera. Yeah, good. That’s really good. I didn’t answer because I.

Chris Marti: [00:21:47] Don’t remember the timeline legitimately. Yeah, okay, good.

Chris Cano: [00:21:52] You did. You know, you probably knew he was leaving before I did, huh? You know, a lot of stuff before.

Chris Marti: [00:21:56] But people tell me people tell me like at the zeroth hour, I find out hours before people find out because it’s too much of a flight risk for me. I’m too much of a flight risk. Literally. Yeah. Like, yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:22:07] Like there were conversations about Rick probably for like six months. And I find out like 15 minutes before, like, hey, bro, just want to give you the heads up, you know, like, Ethan already had written a book about it, literally. Yeah. Chris was already on the phone. Yeah, yeah. I find out late.

Chris Cano: [00:22:22] I show up like I go to an event and I see one of my loan officers, like, in a different booth. And I’m like, did you quit? Like, I’m you work there now. I’m, I find out way late on that kind of stuff that.

Chris Marti: [00:22:33] Like I guess I’m cool with.

Chris Cano: [00:22:35] So they try to leave me out of a lot of that kind of stuff and you get caught in the headspace, man, you started getting weird and I got to stay focused on the wedding.

Chris Marti: [00:22:44] Absolutely. Y’all have a lot of people coming back.

Chris Cano: [00:22:46] Which I know, dude in that cool.

Chris Marti: [00:22:47] That is really cool. I think that that’s neat because then that’s the real W, right? Like the people that think they get people that’s like a fake win. But if people come back. Yeah, it’s another level, another level of being like, Hey y’all, we’re kind of a big deal the whole time, so good for you. Good for you.

Chris Cano: [00:23:01] All. Yeah, we’re excited about it. Absolutely. We got stubs back. Dude, that’s a G.

Chris Marti: [00:23:05] That is a G. He’s a G new baby on the way. Yeah, and you shut up the way. Shut up.

Chris Cano: [00:23:09] Dubs marriage a couple of others that you know, we’re kind of doing some offer letters right now and that’ll be big W’s. But you know, there’s so much fraud in this industry, bro. Like, I mean, even when I call some of our old loan officers. Hey, how are you doing over there? Oh, it’s great. And I’m like, you hate it.

Chris Marti: [00:23:26] It’s yeah, you’re not doing anything.

Chris Cano: [00:23:28] You’re not doing anything. It’s so uncreative, it’s all recycled, it’s boring, it’s lame. And some of our lows are like, Well, I wasn’t getting enough kimono time. And when I was there, I thought, you know, I was going to hang out with him a lot and we were going to do creative marketing. And I go, So you quit and decided to go call a bunch of boomtown leads. Way to go. I think that went through. Right now you’re really tickling your creative brain, right? So, you know, it’s it’s so fraud, you know, on people’s excuses, on leaving. I wish they would just say it, you know, like I only.

Chris Marti: [00:23:57] Have more paid.

Chris Cano: [00:23:58] More, get paid more, better sign on bonus and work less, work less, you know, and I mean, there’s all these reasons and some of them are justified. I’m not talking mess on everybody, but it’s just a lot of fraud, you know?

Chris Marti: [00:24:09] I do know that, unfortunately, it’s it’s hard because people put on a fake face, you know, and I think it’s interesting. I think it’s interesting particularly for you because everybody wants to spend time with you. But in my personal opinion, I feel like I feel like you’re actually kind of an introvert, even though you put yourself out there. Like, not that it’s not that, it’s fake. It’s not fraud. That’s not what I’m saying. Like you are, you are very much a forced extrovert in regards to work. But you did it all. You do not you do not want to spend a lot of time with like people like you like your your your time.

Chris Cano: [00:24:40] Gives me just ridiculous amount of anxiety. Like there’s a, you know, tonight’s Keller William Heritage is grand opening, you know, and Jack is a great friend of mine. I love Jack to death. Right. But I’m picking up Marissa from the airport, and I have already an anxiety that’s going to last for the next 5 hours on. Do I go? And if I go, how long do I need to be there? It has nothing to do with Keller Williams. Nothing to do with anything other than I want to chill.

Chris Marti: [00:25:07] Right? Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:25:07] Straight chill. Yeah. You know, and it’s not lazy, dude. I don’t think there’s a lazy bone in my body. I just want to spend my time with, you know, more intimate type people in my life.

Chris Marti: [00:25:18] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:25:18] Us going to Texas Roadhouse the other night, bro, that was the most like one on one time I had with you in a long time. I just thought that was dope.

Chris Marti: [00:25:24] It was it was very chill. It was.

Chris Cano: [00:25:26] Chill. No expectations. You’re low maintenance.

Chris Marti: [00:25:29] You know, if I did. Yeah. Look, I got to talk about Texas Roadhouse real quick because this is gangster. I told this to Meredith. I don’t think I told this to Ethan. So we got to Texas Roadhouse. I’m on this diet because my friend’s getting married on October 1st. Supposedly, I’m in the wedding announcing that now this good friend of mine and I’m just trying to get in my good I’m trying to lose weight or I’m trying to lose weight, eat healthy so I can look good in the wedding. Right. So anyway, looking good. I’m losing. The leaves are melting. So we go there and I’m and I’m literally getting like, like vegetables and steak and this man gets chicken tenders. My absolute favorite meal, right. Legit. Can I get the kids chicken tenders. But hang on, it gets better. Like even worse for me. Better for him. This man, when the chicken tenders come, he got the bread that the Texas Roadhouse serves, which is a little the little like butter things. Cut cut them in half. He put the chicken inside of them in the barbecue sauce on them and made like Whataburger, like mini heart, honey barbecue chicken biscuits.

Chris Cano: [00:26:22] Marty’s is in the middle of telling me, like, where we’re talking business strategy, right? Because that was the intent of our meeting that night was he wanted to talk business and he stops mid-sentence and he goes, you’re you’re literally eating my favorite meal. You know, he was so distracted by the food, dude, you were at a climax of a point, and it just like your your your brain couldn’t register how I feel bad that I did that because you’re over here trying to be good.

Chris Marti: [00:26:48] I have tried to be.

Chris Cano: [00:26:49] And I’m over here making your favorite kid snack.

Chris Marti: [00:26:51] Yeah, literally. Absolutely. That’s the only thing I want to eat. But that was impressive. He impressed with you? It was a meal that wasn’t. I did. I am eating vegetables every day. I’ve done good. I’m eating the same thing every single day for lunch.Which is good. And that’s the thing for me.

Chris Cano: [00:27:03] And I do a tummy tuck.

Chris Marti: [00:27:05] Oh, I’m like, I’m not going to do that. Yeah, yeah. It’s funny. It’s funny because like I am, yeah, I’m good with certain things. Like I will grind out certain things, but I am very self admittedly lazy in certain things and like feeding myself is one thing. Like if you showed up to my doorstep every day with healthy food, I would eat it like zero effort. You remember that time I did it, actually. I do remember that time. Yeah. Yes. So, like, legitimately I will. I will. If you bring me the food. Or it’s low effort, I’ll do it. But if I have to put effort in like that’s what’s crazy about healthy food is you have to try to be healthy. There are no healthy drive thrus, but McDonald’s and Burger King sure got the drive thrus, you know, but it’s weird to me. It’s just it’s very difficult to be healthy. And it also costs a metric ton of money compared to like eating dollar, dollar burgers, because that’s how I judge inflation. Right. And the reason I know that America’s jacked is that like the fast food that I was eating, I knew it down to like the dollar amount. There was a time when I started real estate where I was 325 at McDonald’s. I’d go to McDonald’s, I’d get two cheeseburgers for $0.99, a large unsweetened tea for $0.99, and it was literally 325 with tax. And that’s what that was my lunch.

Chris Cano: [00:28:07] Every day I met you and I rode in your car, you had like seven different, like, fast food cups in different all different.

Chris Marti: [00:28:14] My house is like my house can get to be like a museum of taco cups. His room? Yes, my office.

Chris Cano: [00:28:21] So for the viewers, Meredith is is confirming all the nastiness of Marty in the background. You can’t see her. I hope you guys can pick up that audio just straight. Like if you took a blood sample of Marty, like there’s like his like his blood cells, like, have, like, kazoos and stuff, like, you know, they’re just like partying, like your red cells or.

Chris Marti: [00:28:40] So do your.

Chris Cano: [00:28:41] Blood cells probably smell like fries, dude? I bet if somebody, like, actually put it, you know, what are those glasses called? The petri dish is just, like, straight, like gravy, you know, just kind of day.

Chris Marti: [00:28:52] But I’m feeling better now. You’re better now. I’m better.

Chris Cano: [00:28:55] Meredith was saying.

Chris Marti: [00:28:56] Really? I just I like fast food. I’m a fast food connoisseur.

Chris Cano: [00:29:03] I like that brown.

Chris Marti: [00:29:04] I like Chili’s.

Chris Cano: [00:29:05] Yeah, yeah. A little connoisseur, man. Little.

Chris Marti: [00:29:07] I know. I like.

Chris Cano: [00:29:08] That. Oh, arms are like little tattooed dinosaur thing.

Chris Marti: [00:29:11] Okay, so I got to ask, because. This was the thing, right? And I know that this was a trend and now it’s not a thing anymore. Why did you start wearing shoes again?

Chris Cano: [00:29:17] What happened at work, you mean?

Chris Marti: [00:29:19] Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:29:20] Well, you know, so for me. At Summit. It was I didn’t it was a lot of construction and I just like this is going to be gross. But I got like turf toe for a while and I don’t know if you ever had turf toe, but it’s whenever you have like a little slice in your foot or a cut and it gets infected. Because when I would wear shoes, when I would wear shoes. Is it my saying that right when I would wear shoes? Yeah. You know, I wouldn’t wear socks. Right? So now this infection is getting just gnarly and my toe swells up. So then at Fernon, because it was so big, you know, I take my shoes off and then I always, always have to go to the restroom in a time where, like, I don’t remember where my shoes are. Got it. And so I get into this weird space of do I do it anyways?

Chris Marti: [00:30:06] No. Ever, ever, never.

Chris Cano: [00:30:08] You wouldn’t. Oh, yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:30:10] Yeah, I would.

Chris Cano: [00:30:10] Never you would never go to the restroom barefoot.

Chris Marti: [00:30:12] I absolutely Meredith can confirm I will not my absolute worst like restroom fear. I have like a combo, right? Like barefoot absolutely. And Water Park is the second like in them together is just I’m done like wet no shoe bathroom in me are not a thing like it doesn’t work.

Chris Cano: [00:30:30] Does your audience like do you explain like where you’re so.

Chris Marti: [00:30:33] Weird.

Chris Cano: [00:30:34] Have you in the 11 episodes you’ve done.

Chris Marti: [00:30:37] Not done 11.

Chris Marti: [00:30:38] No, we have not we’ve not talked about it.

Chris Cano: [00:30:41] So people are just supposed to figure it out, like cause you’re introducing yourself to the world in this podcast, which is going to be dope, because I just can’t imagine how cool you’re going to make your season, but you’re going to skip right over why you’re this way.

Chris Marti: [00:30:54] You’re right. We should probably back up and talk about it.

Chris Marti: [00:30:56] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:30:57] Yeah, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:30:57] Och, well, I don’t know why in that way. What?

Chris Cano: [00:31:01] So one, I don’t. I don’t know why I’m that way.

Chris Marti: [00:31:03] I don’t know. I don’t know. I have that way and to.

Chris Cano: [00:31:05] Why did you grow up poor?

Chris Marti: [00:31:06] Absolutely. No. I mean, so I think the problem with the problem.

Chris Marti: [00:31:10] In my brain. Right. Is like in itself, it like to brag about myself a little bit. Like I feel like I can zero in on things and be like a G, right? Like real estate in me. There’s just a wealth of knowledge, like get your transaction done, get you the best deal, right? But the problem is, is that I look at my entire life that way and so I start looking at things and like, I can’t turn it off, right? It’s like and what’s even worse is because, like I said, I can’t keep thoughts to myself. I just say things that I shouldn’t say because I’m overanalyzing everything. Like today I was helping Meredith get some stuff out of her car, and I noticed that there’s a can in there. And in my brain I’m like, Don’t say anything, don’t say anything, don’t say anything. Okay? But I can write like a close soda can, right? It’s just a can. And so but I three days ago, I remember this exact Facebook post I saw with this KENS five anchor that had a soda can in his car and the lid was blown off. So I’m like, Meredith, Meredith, you gotta take the cans out of your car because you’re going to ruin your car, right? Like, I just can’t. Not. Like say something and I can’t not like look at everything and be like, this is wrong and I need to fix it. And it’s like a sickness.

Chris Cano: [00:32:12] I don’t know that that’s a sickness. I mean, you know, you can say tell Meredith. I think those cans are going to pop if you leave them in here.

Chris Marti: [00:32:19] Right. But I do that about everything. Yeah. With everything.

Chris Cano: [00:32:22] So. Well, yeah. Let me ask you real quick and it’s your podcast, but how far once you start talking about something you shouldn’t be saying, do you realize you’re screwing up?

Chris Marti: [00:32:35] It’s like in the middle of it, but.

Chris Marti: [00:32:36] You’re already committed at that point.

Chris Cano: [00:32:37] So you so if you’re already at 50%, right.

Chris Marti: [00:32:40] You’re like might as well finish, right? Because what are you going to do? You’re going to stop and then and then the other person.

Chris Cano: [00:32:44] That’s a good idea. What other ideas you got?

Chris Marti: [00:32:48] Well, I just feel like if you’re going to stop, the other person’s going to be like, well, you’ve already started, so you might as well just.

Chris Cano: [00:32:52] Oh, and so you’d rather not offend that person because you already offended that dude. You’re you’re sharing the secret.

Chris Marti: [00:32:57] Of I, I believe.

Chris Cano: [00:32:58] That they’re picking on who you want to.

Chris Marti: [00:32:59] Well, I think that.

Chris Marti: [00:33:00] Like, there’s, like, I don’t think that there’s really, like, levels of damage. Right? Like, I think it’s just like either there’s all damage or no damage. So, like, if you’ve already started, it’s like, well, the house is already on fire. So she’s like, Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:33:12] I love to see you get a flat tire on 35, get out and then just slash your other tires, just like you think Marty’s going to get out and change it. He’s not. Marty’s getting out and stabbing the other three.Yeah, it’s already flat.

Chris Cano: [00:33:27] You weren’t going to get a toad. I might as well just. Just call it what it is.

Chris Marti: [00:33:31] Yeah, flat ass car. I get the car. Yeah, that’s a bad idea. I get your theory. That’s a little silly, but I just want, like, I just hyper analyze to a fault everything. And what’s what’s tough about it is like I want to give hyper criticism about things and then people’s natural response is like, well, if you’re going to talk about Leeann, let me talk about you. And and yeah, then it doesn’t go well.

Chris Cano: [00:33:54] I think you’re actually I think you receive feedback very well.

Chris Marti: [00:33:57] Oh, that’s good.

Chris Cano: [00:33:57] Very, very well. Now, you are ridiculously smart. And I think most people who hear about Marti hear about Rebate House, naturally, they start off with a certain feeling because of your model and how you do things here. But what they don’t know is they don’t know just your ridiculous brain. It’s really.

Chris Marti: [00:34:14] Smart. That’s good.

Chris Cano: [00:34:15] The problem that I see with it is how fast you talk, right? Sometimes, how confusing you are. And so I try to share that with you as a friend. And I’m like, Dude, if you could just really simplify, like the way your brain works, you would connect with such a larger.

Chris Marti: [00:34:31] Audience, right? Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:34:32] And and just even right now, you’re receiving this feedback very, very well. Like so you’re right, you know, because if you see brilliance in somebody but you say, man, for some reason their brilliance isn’t connecting. And you can give them feedback. You know, they could be great, you know, and.

Chris Marti: [00:34:47] Which what you’re trying to do, I’m trying to.

Chris Cano: [00:34:50] We wrote about a 17 page business plan to my house. I was like, We’re not please don’t read all that to me.

Chris Marti: [00:34:56] We only made it through. We made it through three pages.

Chris Cano: [00:34:59] Well, no, you summarize because we started at dinner and then we went to my house and just like any good date. Start off at dinner.

Chris Marti: [00:35:07] Start off at dinner. Any good day?

Chris Cano: [00:35:08] Take him back.

Chris Marti: [00:35:09] Home. Take him back.

Chris Cano: [00:35:10] Right. Chicken sandwich.

Chris Marti: [00:35:12] Is that.

Chris Cano: [00:35:12] Is that a normal was that a normal day for you guys? Chicken sandwich.

Chris Marti: [00:35:16] Go back to Chili’s and then we go do stuff.

Chris Marti: [00:35:18] I always seem to be doing something. I always need to be doing something.

Chris Cano: [00:35:21] Well, so you had been sharing your business plan with me. So then you pull out the 17 page document, and. And you were about to reiterate everything we’d been already talking about. And so I asked you to do what.

Chris Marti: [00:35:32] You wanted me to give you, like, a 32nd very simple pitch.

Chris Cano: [00:35:36] Tell me the top three, because all of those 17 pages, they fall into at least three.

Chris Marti: [00:35:40] Categories, which we’ve now actually come up with and summarized. And so I’m going to talk about them on this Podcast. I can announce them, but I’m not ready. I don’t get my pitch down. So we’re we’re, we’re.

Chris Cano: [00:35:51] Why would I come work at Rebate House? I’ve been thinking about leaving my brokerage.

Chris Marti: [00:35:54] We’re not ready for that. Absolutely not. But Rebate House is going to be Rebate House is going to be condensed right into three main areas of focus as we move forward. Right. It’s going to be value not only to our customer, but first and foremost to our agent. Right. It’s it’s going to be making sure that they never even feel the urge to want to go anywhere else due to the things that we’re providing for them outside of just a split. Right. Because that’s another trap I think people fall into. Right. People always want to talk about what’s the split. Now need start with.

Chris Cano: [00:36:22] That. And so do you all have like a commercial break? I need to drink.

Chris Marti: [00:36:25] Value for four months and growth. Okay, those are our three.

Chris Cano: [00:36:30] Great. What do you mean by value?

Chris Marti: [00:36:32] Value is making Rebate House a place that our agents never want to leave? Right.

Chris Cano: [00:36:37] How do you things are doing that? You see, dude, you can just give me the next bullet point. And if I ask for more than be ready to give me.

Chris Marti: [00:36:43] More, I make.

Chris Cano: [00:36:44] Sense. You want to talk about a1828384 be one, be to be three. Allow me to say hey, tell me more about that. But when you say, hey, we’re focused on value, what about value like comp like well, no, first and foremost about you being happy here. And if comp is important to you. Yeah, part of it is comp. Part of it is retention through how we’re going to help you get business. Part of it is everybody spit in game. All brokers are spitting game right now. They want to go straight to comp. I have zero desire to talk about comp in a meeting with another low or another prospect.

Chris Marti: [00:37:15] And it’s not even relevant for the market that we’re in cares.

Chris Cano: [00:37:18] Bro.

Chris Marti: [00:37:18] But they don’t but they don’t get that. That makes sense. Okay, so value performance and growth, those are the three we’re going to focus on. Okay. So it’s going to be good. We’re piecing it together. But I think that the biggest thing is our models for the people that don’t get it. You know, a lot of agents, which is funny, a lot of agents love aligned for the no lender fees. Right. And the competitive rates and the fact that their clients can get a home loan saving money, I don’t think they put two and two together. Maybe they do. And they just like try to ignore it. That like y’all’s model in our model is literally the same. Like it’s the exact same business model which is pass the savings on to the consumer. The people that actually work at the company make less and the people that are in the industry dislike the way of the model because it puts downward pressure on them to be competitive, you know, to earn business. So it’s funny because agents love you. They don’t love us so much. And then lenders love us, right? Obviously, they don’t love you all so much. Right. So everyone’s always looking to everyone always wants to take advantage of somebody else providing the the value. Right. But not at their own expense. Which is kind of.

Chris Cano: [00:38:18] Weird to do with rebate house or aligned and just everything to do with, you know, naturally when you see somebody arrive to a model that works, you know, there’s a feeling associated with it. Some some people just never figured out how to work through that feeling.

Chris Marti: [00:38:32] Yes, that makes sense. Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:38:34] You call it FOMO or you call it, you know, just late bloomers or early arrivals, early adopters. You’re an early adopter, right? You can see something at 20% and kind of start to formulate whether or not that’ll be a good idea. And so you get to get on whenever there’s still a lot of opportunity. Most lenders on the mortgage side come in around 60, 70% of something.

Chris Marti: [00:38:55] Right. That makes sense.

Chris Cano: [00:38:56] You bring in a matt Dela Cruz or we bring in realtor relations, we bring in the VA home loan seminar and you start to see more of that pop up.

Chris Marti: [00:39:05] Right.

Chris Cano: [00:39:05] But we, you know, three or four years. But so if I think that I can stay there, you know, I’m wrong because people will start to adopt to what works. And so while they’re adopting, it’s fine. You have a head start. The question is, do you have the ability to continue to innovate.

Chris Marti: [00:39:18] And and what and what’s your next step? We talked about that like, what’s the next dude?

Chris Cano: [00:39:22] I lost my identity hard, bro. Like, one of the reasons I feel like we’re getting success in bringing people back is I’m just going back to the stuff that I remember working, that I was chasing agents for a hot minute, dude. I was like legit, like paying for leads. Like, I’m like, Dude, who am I? It’s not my style at all. I’m talking to people that I don’t want to talk to. I’ve never wanted to compromise. And, you know, living on a submarine for ten years, I said, Dude, I did way too much of being where I’m supposed to be for too long. I’m not going to get into the mortgage space and do that again. But I started to sell myself out. I started to care too much about how people felt, and I lost track of my style of marketing. I lost track of my guerilla marketing. The way I didn’t care about getting a bunch of legal approval on my mind. Just launch it, ship it, taken out around and ship it. That’s what we would say on ship.

Chris Marti: [00:40:15] It certified by Cody.

Chris Cano: [00:40:17] Right. And we got real kind of corporate dude. We, we started to pass it through everything and and so we’re just going hard, bro.

Chris Marti: [00:40:24] Makes a lot of sense.

Chris Cano: [00:40:25] We’re going back to the hard stuff.

Chris Marti: [00:40:27] That’s good. And we were the same way. We kind of tried to be all big in corporate and fancy, and we were like, Oh, Spurs this and spurs that. And like you said.

Chris Cano: [00:40:35] We were a good idea, though. No, it.

Chris Marti: [00:40:36] Was a good it was a good idea in theory. But like it again, it’s not. It was a good idea in theory. No, we’re not going to do it again. No more four years. Not a good idea. But we we got away from the billboards and.

Chris Marti: [00:40:47] The fun stuff and we got serious. Like there’s an awards thing we’re sponsoring next week. And the girls yesterday were talking about how they’re going to go buy it’s western themed, right? I don’t own anything Western. And so the girls are like, we got to go buy outfits, we got to go buy boots, we got to do something like, Dude, I want to sell so many homes that I can just show up in a t shirt and like, no one will be like, Oh, yeah, that’s just Chris. Just leave him alone. Like, nobody bothered him. That’s like, my dream is I don’t want to have to try and be something that I’m not, but I’m going to do it anyways. I’m going to actually just show up in my t shirt and be cool with it. And what are they going to tell me? You know, because I think that’s what makes you.

Chris Cano: [00:41:17] Very consumer facing like in the early stages because you guys were kind of known for y’all had a lot of new construction type business, right? Right. You had a lot of relationships with a lot of builders. Right. So technically, you know, I mean, I just always remember you in slacks and button downs, right? T shirt guy you’re describing. Is this.

Chris Marti: [00:41:33] Like this is the guy who.

Chris Cano: [00:41:34] Your pre-owned Chris.

Chris Marti: [00:41:36] Marti? No, this is the guy who I’ve always wanted to be this is the. I was.

Chris Cano: [00:41:40] You never like the slacks?

Chris Marti: [00:41:41] No, absolutely not. It was a forced. It was a forced.

Chris Cano: [00:41:46] But people loved you, dude. Like you won over the I understand an edge. Like, I think that no matter whatever your splits are or your model, like, I was telling Hawthorne this the other night, like the one thing Marty has, he’s got influence in the new construction world.

Chris Marti: [00:42:02] Tony Yeah, I mean, the people. But I think. I think it’s just cause we’re authentic and genuine. I was telling.

Chris Cano: [00:42:07] I was because you get their buyers, you.

Chris Marti: [00:42:08] Know? Yeah, absolutely. We get we get deals done and we have a lot of relationships and there’s a huge benefit to our agents because the agents can actually do deals with these companies that we’ve got relationships with, you know. But I think that to get those, I think that a lot of people assume that like we work out these crazy deals and there’s a bunch of finance. I think it’s authenticity. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:42:26] Fraud got.

Chris Marti: [00:42:27] People people.

Chris Cano: [00:42:29] They think like they’re wondering how I’m buying, like, you know, land and stuff. They’re like, just like somebody told me that the other day.

Chris Marti: [00:42:35] Was he you? It was the. Oh, yeah, yeah, it was me. I said it. I said I said like like people must think that you’re into some weird stuff because obviously, as all the news says, mortgages aren’t doing well. So people can put two and two together and just assume like, okay, mortgages aren’t doing well, mortgage companies aren’t doing well. So people either assume that you’re like a drug dealer or something on the side. Well, no, just like I think that. Well, I just think that, like, legitimately, like like.

Chris Cano: [00:42:57] Yeah, I get it, dude, because, like, a mexican wedding is there’s got to be something up South Side. So how is this Mexican winning?

Chris Marti: [00:43:05] No, I don’t think.

Chris Cano: [00:43:06] And me, the white man am not.

Chris Marti: [00:43:08] I thought he was white. I’m Cuban. You’re Cuban? I have Cuban. Yes. We’re our fellow minorities. So I can say the.

Chris Cano: [00:43:15] Percentage of Cuban.

Chris Marti: [00:43:17] Like.

Chris Cano: [00:43:17] 100%. Yeah. Hundred.

Chris Marti: [00:43:19] Yeah. Mom and dad.

Chris Cano: [00:43:20] Maggie’s 400. Oh, that would make Maggie 200. Right. My mom. My mom’s. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:43:25] That’s good. My mom. My mom was born in Havana. My mom was born in Cuba. Yes, my mom was born in Cuba. She was freedom flight it out when Castro took over.

Chris Cano: [00:43:37] What year was that?

Chris Marti: [00:43:37] That was 19, let me think. And she was ten, 1964.

Chris Cano: [00:43:42] You buy in Cuba. So now that you’re can you buy land over there as a as a citizen?

Chris Marti: [00:43:46] No, because I think that I think that especially with my grandfather and the way that my mom is in the way that he left, like I think that it’s not good for her to go back there. No, he actually passed away. I believe it’s been about two years now, actually.

Chris Cano: [00:43:57] Oh, I remember that actually.

Chris Marti: [00:43:59] Yeah, it was two years ago and he but he was a big journalist so he was, you know, anti Castro documenting generalizing. When I did grow like I remember growing up in Las Vegas, funny enough that I will say we actually did have like legit humidors, like we had like humidors filled with cigars and they were temperature controlled and it was like a big deal and they were like, line through the hallways of my house.

Chris Cano: [00:44:22] They were your dad’s.

Chris Marti: [00:44:23] Yes. Yes. And they were all cigars. We were.

Chris Marti: [00:44:26] We were. No, I don’t think so. I would consider no, I don’t think we were poor, but I think we were middle.

Chris Marti: [00:44:31] Yeah, we were middle.

Chris Cano: [00:44:32] So that’s why you’re able to determine that I was poor?

Chris Marti: [00:44:35] No, absolutely. We were middle.

Chris Cano: [00:44:37] If you have a humidor and next time you have a guest and don’t share the humidor story after you ask the guest question one where you pour.

Chris Marti: [00:44:44] The silly.

Chris Cano: [00:44:45] Save the humidor shit for another.

Chris Marti: [00:44:47] Podcast. Absolutely. Okay.

Part 2 – Interview Transcript:

Chris Marti: [00:00:15] When I did grow, like I remember growing up in Las Vegas. Funny enough that I will say we actually did have like legit humidors. Like we had like humidors filled with cigars and they were temperature controlled and it was like a big deal. And they were like, line through the hallways of my house.

Chris Cano: [00:00:30] Your dad’s?

Chris Marti: [00:00:30] Yes. Yes. And they were all cigars. We were. We were. No, I don’t think so. I would consider no, I don’t think we were poor, but I think we were middle. Yeah, we were middle.

Chris Cano: [00:00:39] So that’s why you’re able to determine that I was poor?

Chris Marti: [00:00:42] No, absolutely. We were middle.

Chris Cano: [00:00:44] If you have a humidor and next time you have a guest and don’t share the humidor story after you ask the guest question one where you pour.

Chris Marti: [00:00:52] The silly.

Chris Cano: [00:00:53] Save the humidor shit for another podcast.

Chris Marti: [00:00:55] Absolutely. Okay. But look, so right now we’re full Cubans. That’s the point that I’m talking about. We are.

Chris Cano: [00:01:01] I’m for women’s.

Chris Marti: [00:01:02] I would be first generation. I’m first generation. Nice, bro. I’m first generation good for me.

Chris Cano: [00:01:08] Yeah. On your birth certificate, it says that.

Chris Marti: [00:01:10] I don’t know if it says that, but I am.

Chris Cano: [00:01:11] You don’t know? You haven’t seen your birth certificate?

Chris Marti: [00:01:14] I have my birth. Yeah, I have my birth certificate. I don’t know what it says on there. I was born in Miami, though.

Chris Cano: [00:01:17] You’re born in.

Chris Marti: [00:01:18] Miami? I was born in Fort Lauderdale, technically.

Chris Cano: [00:01:20] Oh, I think I knew that I was. You ever go back there?

Chris Marti: [00:01:23] We do go back there. We’ve gone once. We’ve gone once. We go to Orlando.

Chris Cano: [00:01:26] Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:01:26] Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:01:27] You look more like an Orlando than a miami guy.

Chris Marti: [00:01:29] Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve a lot.

Chris Cano: [00:01:30] More like Mickey Ears and like a BMW convertible.

Chris Marti: [00:01:33] Mickey ears at a mickey ears and a a chocolate bar and not not a miami South Beach vibes, you know, but where are we going? Okay, so we’re talking about the wedding thing where you can have your bachelor party.

Chris Cano: [00:01:46] It’ll probably well, because of like the circumstances of some of my like groomsmen will probably stay in the county, you know, you know, I’m sure four of my four of my four of my groomsmen, you know, will probably do some in Bear County.

Chris Marti: [00:02:02] So we’re going to go we’re going to go to like yeah, I think we’re going.

Chris Cano: [00:02:06] To go like 20 miles out.

Chris Marti: [00:02:08] We’ll go.

Chris Cano: [00:02:09] Have some.

Chris Marti: [00:02:09] Beer, we’ll go to like Bird House on 1604, but we’ll rent a room.

Chris Cano: [00:02:16] Hey, dude, whatever it is, bro. I don’t want it to be crazy, dude. I really don’t, because, like, I’ve heard of just some weddings getting super weird, you know? And, and dude, I think I’ve picked out a pretty good lineup of groomsmen, dude. You know, I think I got at least 2 to 3. Leno and Ronnie are my are my best men, dude. So I texted them yesterday on the way to the dentist because I had a little window and I was like, Hey, I’m sure I could have picked a more cool way to do this, but you guys are being my my best man, right? That’s man Leno replied right away. Of course, you know, because Lena is just Johnny on the spot. Ronnie, I was kind of nervous. Like, you know, Ronnie is going to say something weird, you know? But he was like, Yeah, dude, we wouldn’t be anywhere else. And that’s good.

Chris Marti: [00:03:02] I was like, I literally without you telling me what he said in my head, I imagine he just put like, okay, period. Yeah, like that’s it. He was like, okay.

Chris Cano: [00:03:09] Dude, you have a weird relationship with Ronnie. He likes you. I don’t get it. Like, dude, Ronnie, like, scares a lot of people. Yeah, but he likes you.

Chris Marti: [00:03:16] That’s good. That’s really good. I’m good. Okay, so we got the best man. Who else do we have? Let’s get the rest of the roster.

Chris Cano: [00:03:20] Oh, it’s you, B, Cody. Cody, Tony.

Chris Marti: [00:03:24] D, Tony D.

Chris Cano: [00:03:26] And and. And James Davis. Oh, and Maurice’s brother. You haven’t met him yet? His name is Marcus. So Marcus was actually. You met Micah.

Chris Marti: [00:03:36] Micah? Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:03:37] Mm. Yeah. Mike is the young one. Marcus was there when I asked Marissa’s dad to, to marry her. He was like a G for me dude because I was terrified of her dad. I said, You got to roll with me to go ask him. And so he set it up, brought his dad to Starbucks, said, Hey, Chris wants to talk to you. I think it’s going to involve, you know, marrying Marissa. Absolutely. Preheated the oven for me. So. Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:03:58] Absolutely. Yeah. That’s cool. That’s really exciting. Yeah, we we were talking about it the other day and we were like, I’m for sure the last one, right? Like we were like, we’re like, you’re for sure, the filler. You’re like, the one that, like, Chris got like I was like I was like, well, no, if he has seven, it’s even right. I believe it’s even now if you if you have.

Chris Cano: [00:04:14] So.

Chris Marti: [00:04:15] 11 and seven.

Chris Cano: [00:04:17] What do they call bridesmaid? No, best woman, maid of honor. She has a maid of honor and then six. Yeah, I have two and then five.

Chris Marti: [00:04:25] Yeah. So seven and seven is it. So I’m for sure. I’m for sure. The filet. Absolutely sure. The filet is.

Chris Cano: [00:04:31] Also a drink, right?

Chris Marti: [00:04:34] Well, it’s Jake.

Chris Cano: [00:04:35] Seven and seven.

Chris Marti: [00:04:36] Seven and seven.

Chris Cano: [00:04:37] You never had a7a Seagram’s with seven up.

Chris Marti: [00:04:40] No.

Chris Cano: [00:04:40] You ever tasted Seagram’s seven.

Chris Marti: [00:04:42] I don’t think so.

Chris Cano: [00:04:43] How far is the poor house from here?

Chris Marti: [00:04:45] We could walk there in like 3 minutes.

Chris Cano: [00:04:47] Do you think we got time to get drunk? I get Marissa by 4 p.m..

Chris Marti: [00:04:51] I didn’t even know what time it is. She absolutely do. Absolutely do. Okay.

Chris Cano: [00:04:55] So so it’s you know, it’s not a filler dude, to be honest with you. I mean, you guys are just, you know, dudes in my life that I lean on on a daily like there’s so many to keep it wedding small you really have to get to a weird place of saying like who’s legit been. Uh, you know, a part of, like, not just our lives, but who do we see as a part of our.

Chris Marti: [00:05:17] Lives in the future?

Chris Cano: [00:05:18] Stand with. Right. So Tony’s been there since, you know. You know, I lean on you for a lot of you and I have a lot of deep conversations. I think probably we just talk business, you know? And, you know, Leo and Ronnie, of course, I’m going to be counting on a lot.

Chris Marti: [00:05:32] And it’s incredible. It was a big move for you.

Chris Cano: [00:05:34] Big move, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:05:35] Big move.

Chris Cano: [00:05:36] James. You know, James is the dude is just going to call me out on everything. He’s he’s not afraid to keep it real. Cody would bury a body, you know?

Chris Marti: [00:05:44] Cody. Cody. Cody is very real. That’s what I would give him. He’s a he’s a legit. He’s good.

Chris Cano: [00:05:48] Like, although Leno and Ronnie are my best man, James still going to plan everything?

Chris Marti: [00:05:53] Oh, man, he is.

Chris Cano: [00:05:53] He’s already planning the suit. Stuff. Like he’ll be texting you soon if he has.

Chris Marti: [00:05:57] Oh, my God.

Chris Cano: [00:05:59] Yeah, we’re going to Houston, so.

Chris Marti: [00:06:01] No, we’re not. Stop it.

Chris Cano: [00:06:02] It’s Houston, dude. So are places in Houston because it is the only not to flex, dude. But I wanted always a Ralph Lauren Red label or purple label tux, and they’re just kind of like a kind of a vintage look custom. And it’s the only one that they have. It’s in the Galleria in in Houston.

Chris Marti: [00:06:21] That’s really.

Chris Cano: [00:06:21] Cool. And so we’re getting my tux there. And then the groomsmen, y’all are wearing kind of a similar kind of style. Y’all are in black.

Chris Marti: [00:06:29] Tuxes, black tux. Is that sounds.

Chris Cano: [00:06:30] Good. I don’t know, like rebate house suit or I.

Chris Marti: [00:06:34] I don’t know anything that you just said about red labels, but it’s going to be great label, purple label.

Chris Cano: [00:06:38] It’s like the exclusive Ralph Lauren.

Chris Marti: [00:06:41] Got to understand.

Chris Cano: [00:06:42] That’s all I know. I know. That’s good.

Chris Marti: [00:06:43] James is good for James. Well, that’s cool. I’m excited. I think it’s going to be I think wedding season is going to be super cool. I think that legitimately, whether intended to or not, I think that your guest list if that if you’re if you’re if your groomsmen choices already aren’t causing problems, your guest list is the topic of the of fall 2022. I do I think you should live stream it.

Chris Cano: [00:07:04] Okay.

Chris Marti: [00:07:05] I think she lives.

Chris Cano: [00:07:06] And I’ll just get a booth. We’ll get we’ll get Chicago Tidal out at the driveway.

Chris Marti: [00:07:11] Yeah dude if he sends me a link.

Chris Cano: [00:07:15] Right? Right. Yeah, yeah. Here’s a.

Chris Marti: [00:07:20] Link. I don’t know what you.

Chris Cano: [00:07:21] Do so well. I think what you do is you do maybe like a either a pre or a post, right? So at the end of the day, bro, if we allowed this to happen, we’d have 500 people there. Right? I know that my staff there’s a lot of people, my staff who who are, you know, excited and they’ve been a part of our story for a while. There’s a lot of my family cousins, just people we’ve grown up with the guys doing my landscaping right now, bro. They’re literally like building our wedding venue, right?

Chris Marti: [00:07:47] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:07:48] And they naturally now want to be there. You know, my new neighbor is the one to my left and right. They’re like, Oh, what are you all doing over there? Oh, we’re building, you know, we’re getting married and we’re trying to be nice because we need to park our cars like all you know. And they’re. Oh, you know, are we? You know? And I’m just like, dude, so the moment, you know, the photography comes out and some of the people who weren’t invited see people that were, it’s they’re going to be like, Oh, cool, I wasn’t invited. But I noticed you brought the guy from Barnes and Noble, right?

Chris Marti: [00:08:14] Absolutely. So so then that’s where I was. So see, this is where I’m getting in trouble right now. Wouldn’t it be better to just, like, post the guest list publicly so that you could deal with all the drama beforehand? And then that’s what.

Chris Cano: [00:08:26] They did on like, you know, Rudy, when, you know, they post the names of who gets to run out on.

Chris Marti: [00:08:31] The field like.

Chris Cano: [00:08:32] And everybody just goes out to it and they’re just like, you know, Well, I’m going to start on Happy Gilmore. Happy, happy. We called you, didn’t we? Bad luck next season.

Chris Marti: [00:08:42] Well, I just say, like, legit that way. You’re not like on your honeymoon, coming back from your honeymoon, having to hear about all these people that are upset. You can deal with it now, right?

Chris Cano: [00:08:50] Oh, you’re making a big assumption like I give. Oh, absolutely. I mean, and and dude, I do care. But, you know, if people are going to make it about them, do then that’s why they didn’t get invited.

Chris Marti: [00:09:01] That makes a lot of sense. Yeah, well, we are lucky for our wedding because we like we got married so quick, we didn’t really have time to invite a lot of people and it was like so fast, like a lot of people couldn’t make it. And I funny story about our wedding this is like so terrible, but this highlights who I am as a person. So we already had a trip plan.

Chris Cano: [00:09:18] Meredith you’re okay with whatever stories, but she.

Chris Marti: [00:09:20] Already knows about this trip. So. So we had a trip planned for December. We had a cruise planned for like early December of that year. We got married 2014. Right. And I basically told Meredith, this is so bad because I didn’t want to, like, pay for vacations. So I basically told Meredith that we had to get married before the cruise or we wouldn’t get married at all. Like, I was basically like, I want to pay.

Chris Cano: [00:09:41] Oh, my gosh, guys.

Chris Marti: [00:09:44] So I literally told.

Chris Cano: [00:09:45] Her, have you not not to go too off topic, but have you ever watched How to Catch a Predator anyways? I don’t know why, I just thought of that, but yeah, dude, I get it. That’s a good that’s probably good strategy.

Chris Marti: [00:09:56] Yeah. So if you ever want to know how to get a quick wedding.

Chris Cano: [00:10:00] Hey, kid, you want some candy?

Chris Marti: [00:10:02] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:10:03] What’s some candy? It is here on a Thursday.

Chris Marti: [00:10:06] Ethan That’s really cool. Of what day, Ethan? Okay.

Chris Cano: [00:10:11] Just checking notice about Ethan, dude is he’ll look for any reason to to not to get off work, you know, so, like, does he. He does a lot of stuff during weekdays.

Chris Marti: [00:10:18] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:10:19] Yeah. Yeah, he’s I got bet he got married on a Thursday so he didn’t have to work.

Chris Marti: [00:10:23] There is this month. There is a month. We talked about there’s a month in March, I think it was March or April. April. Ethan had more days off in April than he had days worked. It was like 19 days that he either like wasn’t 20, 21 that he was it was either wasn’t in the state.

Chris Cano: [00:10:37] We all we all saw your posts 21 absolutely.

Chris Marti: [00:10:39] So though it to just but you know but Ethan always comes through always always comes through.

Chris Cano: [00:10:46] So hey, where’s Ethan at. Oh, there he is. Contract, contract, contract. Constantly. So, dude, if you got it like that, have it like that.

Chris Marti: [00:10:55] Absolutely. Ethan is not Ethan would not do good at the line because you want people to go to the office and he does not want to go to the office. Ethan wants to not go to the office. Yeah, he did like, hey, my mom, art teacher or mama Margie’s bro. He’s insulting your mom with a fast food restaurant.

Chris Cano: [00:11:13] That’s not insulting, Mama. Margie’s is probably a thing that God Financial will probably do soon.

Chris Marti: [00:11:18] Absolutely. Part two. And he and he can go there. Yeah, that’s so. Hey, dude, like.

Chris Cano: [00:11:23] Not to put him on blast. I invited Ethan to go play golf. Yeah, and he was like, you would go Friday morning.

Chris Marti: [00:11:31] I like. It’s funny enough for us that Ethan just, like, doesn’t care about anything. I think he has to go out Friday morning, but I like that. He thinks that, like, he just assumes, like, oh, yeah, Chris has nothing, nothing better going up. There’s nothing Chris Cotto has better to be doing at 7 a.m. on a Friday. The golf thing with us building it is owner of a mortgage company with the realtor, right? Realtor mortgage company there. It’s like a there’s a connection there.

Chris Cano: [00:11:57] Right then it’s such a G he’s got it like that because I mean, dude, at the end of the day, he has value proposition and he knows that. So if Ethan knows that he has seven contracts a month. Right, and he feels like inviting an owner to golf on a Friday, he’s got it like that.

Chris Marti: [00:12:13] He does. He has the he literally has the pool to do that. Yeah. Good for you, man.

Chris Cano: [00:12:17] Yeah, he’s got some pool. Yeah, we’re going Saturday.

Chris Marti: [00:12:19] Saturday.

Chris Cano: [00:12:19] Yeah. I told him don’t ever bring that stuff into my text inbox again.

Chris Marti: [00:12:23] No, absolutely not. That’s bad. But hey, but if Trevor could only go in Friday, you’d go on Friday?

Chris Cano: [00:12:27] Yeah. No, Trevor’s got family in town right now. He’s got the in-laws. They’re meeting the baby for the first time.

Chris Marti: [00:12:32] Chris knows more about Trevor’s life than like Ethan probably does. So he’s like, Yeah, do Trevor right now. He’s got a lot going on.

Chris Cano: [00:12:37] Oh, we were in that group text together, man.

Chris Marti: [00:12:39] Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So. So I got to know Alison, right? We talked about wedding season, right? Like we talked about, like, what’s going on. I want I want to understand just your mind shift set as well. Like we’ve talked about this, like you said, your last four months, you’ve like really doubted back down, right? Like the industry is going to shit for lack of a better word. You know, mortgages are going down, real estate’s going down. Why are you why are you chilling out in a season where everyone else is panicking? Yeah, tell us about that. Tell me about that.

Chris Cano: [00:13:05] Um, because I made it my goal to stay in, like, a pretty healthy mental state this year regardless. So whether it’s the market or whether, you know, there is a sickness in the family, like, you know, anything that could just kind of sway me. I kind of have already mentally prepared that this is the year where my bride gets my attention. Let’s get. And so there’s that. The second thing to it is the massive amounts of opportunity. I think over the next 6 to 18 months, if you’re looking to purchase real estate, this is the time that makes a lot of sense. And the problem is, is, you know, everybody’s lost their money in cryptocurrency. Everybody’s lost their money and just other avenues that if you got any any sort of capital, you’re going to win. Yeah. And now so for me, dude, the reason why I’m chilling is I’m just chilling waiting. And, you know, Adam Smith and I were in that deal of a 125 acres in camo. And, you know, so there’s other things that are kind of going on that I’m excited about. And so but if you have your sole source of income in one thing, I think that creates panic. And I’m just a little bit more excited about other areas. And, you know, when when the rest of the world is kind of falling apart, dude, go, go do some landscaping or something.

Chris Marti: [00:14:23] That makes it. That makes a lot of sense. But the people that are relaxed and have a plan and I feel like care but like aren’t stressing about it. Those are the ones that actually take market share in markets like this. It’s the people that are calm and collected versus people that are trying to stay in their palaces. You know, they’re golden palaces and they’re.

Chris Cano: [00:14:39] Yeah, dude, if you if you if you, you know, tighten up too much, you know, it’s you know, the problem is, though, obviously in our space, 75% less business, right? So you had loan officers making ten grand a month that are now making 2500 a month. Right. And so they weren’t ready for that downshift. And so they’re tighten it up. They’re not spending money. You know, groceries have gone up, all these things. So they’re holding on to it. So our economy sucks right now. And, you know, Dave Ramsey would call this fear porn, right? Like, I’m not trying to sell fear porn, but the fact of the matter is, is I think we’re screwed. I think from. A real estate stance. And from a national economic stance, our country is screwed, right? And that’s not a popular topic. But if you got yourself a little capital right and you can wait, you know, I think the next six months to 18 months is going to really open up a window of opportunity where you’re going to be able to get bottom pricing. Right. And man, I was just on the on the 5th of July down at the county office and the foreclosure list was through the roof already. Nobody was there. You know, they’re probably burnt out from the 4th of July. And I was thinking if I had taken 2 hours to really meet with a crew who knows how to rehab homes. Right. I’d have gone to the bank and gone to get some money orders and we would have bid on some of these things because you’re talking 40 to $0.50 on the dollar.

Chris Marti: [00:15:50] It’s crazy.

Chris Cano: [00:15:51] You know, of what the tax assessment is versus what the bank wants for it. And but that’s not where my headspace is at right now. But if it were, I’d just go dominate that. So, you know, in this market, there’s opportunity. The question is, are you looking at the fear, you’re looking at the opportunity.

Chris Marti: [00:16:05] And are you going gangbusters in the right way? Which makes which makes a lot of sense, just not not peeling it back all the way. That’s interesting. And that’s something that I think that a lot of people want to know, just, you know, whether they’re homebuyers or whether they’re loan officers or agents. Right. People feel like, hey. Is this going to be? Is this something I can even make money? And I think we’re going to see a lot of moves, I think.

Chris Cano: [00:16:26] So what’s the advice you give right now?

Chris Marti: [00:16:28] Like, you know, I’m right now I’m telling people kind of the same thing, right? Like I’m telling people that I think that there’s a ton of opportunity and it’s a matter of of understanding that home prices are probably going to go down. Right, I think.

Chris Cano: [00:16:39] Do you do handwritten cards to your client? No, I don’t. Why not?

Chris Marti: [00:16:43] Because my handwriting is illegible.

Chris Cano: [00:16:45] I’m like, would you would you be a fan if you had good handwriting? Would you do handwritten cards? Definitely.

Chris Marti: [00:16:50] Yeah, I do.

Chris Cano: [00:16:51] Would you handwrite the last hundred people you sold a house to three months ago that their value went down? Do you ever feel bad about that, that you possibly sold people houses that aren’t worth where they’re at today?

Chris Marti: [00:17:02] Well, I think that with what we do, I think that we have solutions for them.

Chris Cano: [00:17:05] So what would your handwritten card to me say?

Chris Marti: [00:17:07] Basically, hey.

Chris Cano: [00:17:08] I bought at the top of the market, hey.

Chris Marti: [00:17:09] I’m sorry that you bought a home at the top of the market, but here’s an action plan.

Chris Cano: [00:17:15] Let me get it. Let me get me reading. Okay. But and it’s like audio, like it’s your voice in my head. So if the camera can zoom in on me, I’m reading this card, but and it’s a card that Marty just wrote me because I bought a house top of the market and he’s explaining this. So go ahead, dude. Okay.

Chris Marti: [00:17:28] So I’m going to say, dear Chris, I’m sorry that the market unpredictably has gone down in America, but don’t worry, I have a handcrafted plan for you on how I’m going to make this short term loss one of the biggest financial gains you’ll ever experience in your life. And I’m going to make it really good for you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the end. Sincerely, Chris Martin Hey, can you call Marty? It’s confusing as it’s confusing.

Chris Cano: [00:18:06] Baby wrote. It’s confusing on the bottom of the card.

Chris Marti: [00:18:13] But I think.

Chris Cano: [00:18:16] Why would you write.

Chris Marti: [00:18:16] That to me? So say it ends.

Chris Cano: [00:18:18] With love, Chris. Marty, it’s confusing.

Chris Marti: [00:18:21] No, but look like you’re going to scare people off. Look, I think you’re scare people off for no reason. Look, if people were to experience a short term loss, if they were to experience a short term loss. Right. You’re not a loser till you sell.

Chris Cano: [00:18:33] Amen. That’s what I’m trying to get at.

Chris Marti: [00:18:34] And at the end of the day, right, not only are you not a loser to sell, even if prices go down. Right, which is the part that I didn’t get to go to. So for those who may have bought it a little higher price, don’t panic. You were still probably going to pay 20% less or more a month than what somebody buying at the lower price will pay due to the way that rates are. More so, even if even if your home value goes down your monthly, you’re sitting pretty with the monthly payment that people just in an interest rate that people just can’t touch anymore. Yeah. And so we could probably with the people that bought from me early in the year that literally closed either high twos, low threes, we were probably sitting about three and one half on average on par in January for anyone that closed about three and one half to where rates are today near six. I mean, your price could drop 30, 40 grand and still have a lower payment than what people are paying today.

Chris Cano: [00:19:16] I think we’re going to hit nines in interest rates.

Chris Marti: [00:19:18] That’s scary.

Chris Cano: [00:19:19] That’s I believe that with all my heart.

Chris Marti: [00:19:21] Crazy number nines.

Chris Cano: [00:19:22] I think in the next 12 months we’ll hit it. Yeah, I think I don’t think I don’t see anything that’s going to make our dollar stronger. And so, you know what freaks me out, dude, is, you know, you look at like a four or 500,000 home at three and a half percent. You know, that’s like 2200 bucks a month to where, you know, at eight 9%, it’s four grand.

Chris Marti: [00:19:44] Right.

Chris Cano: [00:19:44] And people aren’t getting pay raises in this market. People are getting paid decreases and they’re getting laid off. And and so we just have like this double edged sword. And and so even buying at the top of the market, you might have bought at the right time of a rate, because if they continue to go up, you know, it washes itself out.

Chris Marti: [00:20:03] Well, and not only and not only that, but like if you keep properties, there was a property I wanted to sell that. Thankfully I chatted with you and retained and we listed it for rent, rented it extremely quickly to where it’s a home that we didn’t put much down on it. We’ve only owned it for two and a half years, but we’re positive cash flow being almost $700 a month on that thing. So for the people that did buy at the top of the market, you know, maybe you can’t cash out because you are upside down. This is a real position that people could be in that bought this year. Fine, you can’t cash out. But when you look at what renters are willing to pay versus what your note is, yeah, I think that people are going to see some crazy spreads on just payments versus rents because rents are skyrocketing. That’s another thing as well.

Chris Cano: [00:20:41] Hawaii in 2008, they hit the top of their median sales price. It was like 680,000, you know, and it had never been that high. And people were like, you’re buying at the top of the market. Right? And at that time, that was and then we saw the pullback. But you look now and their median price is 1.2. Right. And so, you know, I think there’s always going to be a summit, you know, and who cares if you bought at the summit? Now, if you’re playing a short term real estate game, shame on you. Right? You should always buy long term with and if it works out short term, great like that that place on Crescent, you guys help me buy 1.5 million. I turned it for 1.9. Not intentionally. It just so happened the neighbor wanted it in under a year and I’m going to pay crazy short term capital gains on it. Right. I’m getting my eyes ripped out, but I can’t say no to that deal. Right. In a six month turnaround, 400 K minus capital gains. But if I were to buy that property with that intent, dude, I literally thought I was going to call you and be like, do you just get what you can for at one point to 1.3? Because lumber had gone through the roof in the house that we wanted to build no longer made any sort of sense. Right. And and the fact that we got that knock, we got lucky, but otherwise I’m holding onto that property for years.

Chris Marti: [00:21:46] And that’s what the previous owner did. Yeah, yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:21:48] You have to. I mean, you have to, you have to buy with a long term strategy. And then if a short term opportunity comes up, you.

Chris Marti: [00:21:55] Go for it. Absolutely. And go for what? I think that I think that that’s why there’s never a bad time to buy real estate, whether it’s at the top or the bottom. And that’s the thing is like we’re saying.

Chris Cano: [00:22:04] Can you can we get that quote like, hey, uh. Was it Brian or Brian editing this podcast? Brian, can we do a There’s never a bad time to buy real estate in quotes and then dash realtor. Right. That’s because. Yeah. And then hashtag unbiased. Right on the back of buys. There’s never a bad time to buy real estate.

Chris Marti: [00:22:25] Never a bad time. Realtor Because historically, it’s only going one way.

Chris Cano: [00:22:29] Historically, you get commissions if they do.

Chris Marti: [00:22:32] Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:22:32] It’s never a bad time to buy real estate, because historically, I will always make money if you do.

Chris Marti: [00:22:36] Hey, one day they’re talking about changing the law to where buyers have to pay realtors in the future. So right now is a good opportunity to buy. Yes. So that you don’t have.

Chris Cano: [00:22:44] That’s not a thing yet. I’ve been charging buyers.

Chris Marti: [00:22:46] No, it’s not.

Chris Cano: [00:22:47] It’s not. I have some people.

Chris Marti: [00:22:50] Or maybe not. It’s not a thing yet, but. So, look, that’s a good time to buy right now so that you don’t have to pay realtor commissions one day.

Chris Cano: [00:22:55] Do you like this market?

Chris Marti: [00:22:56] Do I like this market? Absolutely. I think there’s a ton of opportunity in this market.

Chris Cano: [00:22:59] For.

Chris Marti: [00:22:59] Buyers. For absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:23:01] For buyers.

Chris Marti: [00:23:01] Sellers. Sellers, there’s opportunity as well. Just depends on on what type of a seller you are. I think that there’s opportunity.

Chris Cano: [00:23:07] Again.

Chris Marti: [00:23:08] We we can’t we can’t talk about those things. But I think that if you’re.

Chris Cano: [00:23:14] Because of race, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, they all follow those same. Yes.

Chris Marti: [00:23:19] Yeah. It’s called a fair housing. Yeah, absolutely. You have to. Oh yeah. It’s required by.

Chris Cano: [00:23:24] Law. I thought you just Oh cuz I thought it was a podcast thing. Requirement overlay. No that’s a.

Chris Marti: [00:23:28] Real it’s a, it’s a, it’s a fair housing day. So, so I think that even for sellers, right. It depends on the situation in the bucket. Right. For the short term seller, they’re probably taking the right people that obviously closed in the last six months that are trying to sell. Probably not a great time. That’s where we talked about that. We would try and maximize their dollar on a rental. A lot of sellers probably don’t know that if you put a renter in your old house, 75% of that can offset your DTI. You’ll still be okay as long as you don’t need your equity. You’re good for the long term seller. If you bought it two, three, four years ago, even though, yes, the market’s receding a little bit right now, it’s retreating kind of the other way. You still have a ton of equity anyway, so you’re taking a little bit of a lower price per dollar, but you’re still winning. So I think it’s good for sellers.

Chris Cano: [00:24:08] Well, you know, so who cares about equity, though, right? Unless you’re using that collateral to to buy more right now. And so, you know, I don’t know who’s buying real estate necessarily. Like, are you mostly catering to first time homebuyers who want to get married, have a kid? You know, I just feel like sometimes whether it’s a podcast or a YouTube video I’m listening to, everybody’s talking under the pretense of, you know, if you buy now, but know. But there are still people that just want to buy and have a nice living room in three bedrooms and a good kitchen.

Chris Marti: [00:24:38] Right. And they’re not thinking about the finances.

Chris Cano: [00:24:40] They’re not thinking about the financials of it because and to be honest, that’s the best way to buy real estate. Who cares? If you hold the real estate long enough, you will be fine. Our national statistics have proven that. But if you’re always trying to time the market, you know, I mean, there might be some times that are better to get in than most, but long term will always work itself out.

Chris Marti: [00:24:59] Absolutely. And it’s and just holding I mean that’s literally that’s all it is is hold. So I think I think that like you said, the one this is something you told me many years ago. If you’re using an agent, if you’re using an agent, the agent does not show up to your house with, hey, this is what I think we should make an offer on. By the way, here’s the rental market analysis on it. Yeah, I think that you are messing up as a client and a buyer in this market. You need to understand what your options are just in case there ever is that rainy day, right? Like, yes, he may not be thinking about the financials or a political thing on it, but at the same time, if you don’t know what your outs are.

Chris Cano: [00:25:31] Hey, you sold me a house. I haven’t seen it yet in New Braunfels. And speaking of rental market analysis.

Chris Marti: [00:25:38] Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:25:39] You well, one, you told me it was worth to 70.

Chris Marti: [00:25:43] It’s absolutely still worth that. It’s actually probably worth even more now.

Chris Cano: [00:25:46] Than it appraised. Well, if we you’re right if we don’t use the appraisal.

Chris Marti: [00:25:50] Report professional that.

Chris Cano: [00:25:51] Gave it a value but.

Chris Marti: [00:25:52] The appraisers different.

Chris Cano: [00:25:54] The appraiser was different. We see Mexican.

Chris Marti: [00:25:57] I don’t yeah I don’t think that he understood the value that you have there.

Chris Cano: [00:26:01] The value that I have.

Chris Marti: [00:26:02] Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:26:04] He use the contract price.

Chris Marti: [00:26:05] That that is what he did most appraisers.

Chris Cano: [00:26:07] I got a good deal. That was a good deal.

Chris Marti: [00:26:08] You got an absolutely good deal.

Chris Cano: [00:26:11] You did? I should have. I needed to use that calm. Yeah. Absolutely not that I cared about that. I just like to give Chris a hard time. I’m actually glad it came in lower, because otherwise I’d never be able to remind him of this. The rest of it.

Chris Marti: [00:26:22] Absolutely. But. But it’s worth a lot of money, the.

Chris Cano: [00:26:24] Ac and the tenants and. Absolutely, you know, but those.

Chris Marti: [00:26:28] Are the things we conducted a home inspection and unfortunately.

Chris Cano: [00:26:31] Cash.

Chris Marti: [00:26:31] Flowing it. That’s good. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:26:34] Wait, am I cash flow? Yeah. Yeah, cash.

Chris Marti: [00:26:36] Flow. Yes, you.

Chris Cano: [00:26:36] Are. I don’t know what I put down, I think 20%.

Chris Marti: [00:26:38] But look, on the flip side, I also sold him a sick commercial office dentist space. It’s not a dentist. It’s.

Chris Cano: [00:26:44] Oh, yeah, Ruth’s. Oh, dude, that property you sold me in Locust. So, Marty.

Chris Marti: [00:26:49] I got a lot of good deals.

Chris Cano: [00:26:50] We’ve done a lot of.

Chris Marti: [00:26:51] Yeah, we have. We’ve got the Buy the Pearl, the lot we got, we got the OB-GYNs office, we’ve got Crescent, we’ve got the New Braunfels investment. We’ve got your current residence. I’m not going to put the street name out there. We got those five. I think those are the ones that we’ve actually. Oh, this building.

Chris Cano: [00:27:08] Oh, yeah, the building.

Chris Marti: [00:27:10] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:27:11] So I think that’s why people think that we’re in business together, right?

Chris Marti: [00:27:15] Absolutely. This is a building.

Chris Cano: [00:27:16] Um, some people thought because I, there was a photo of me with Luke that.

Chris Marti: [00:27:20] You know, yeah, that’s us together.

Chris Cano: [00:27:22] But uh, anyways is quick, quick question, but then let me make sure I go back to Ruth’s property. Is Luke still biting?

Chris Marti: [00:27:28] Luke is still biting.

Chris Cano: [00:27:29] People so funny to me. It is. I think you’re so blessed. Like I can’t. Och, you’re in a meeting. Raise your calls.

Chris Marti: [00:27:36] You right?

Chris Cano: [00:27:36] Luke is at it again and you’re like, What are we referring to? And she’s like, He’s biting humans. Yeah. Do you not just laugh?

Chris Marti: [00:27:43] So no, because I overthink everything. So I’m panicked like they’re going to kick him out of daycare. Right? So then finally.

Chris Cano: [00:27:48] You think Luke’s going to let somebody kick him out?

Chris Marti: [00:27:50] He’s biting. No, but.

Chris Cano: [00:27:51] So Luke’s handling shit, but it looks like you’re. You’re doing what? You’re kicking me out.

Chris Marti: [00:27:56] So. So the lady that was the director of the daycare that would call and give us incident reports, she’s like, you don’t she’s like, telling me I should tell your husband, like to stop worrying about that. Like, he’s not going to get caught. Everything’s going to be fine. We see the email on Friday. They fired her. The lady that’s like, tell your husband not to worry, she got fired. Doug So Luke is on the chopping block for Luke. Luke is in trouble.

Chris Cano: [00:28:16] He’s the chopping block.

Chris Marti: [00:28:17] On the chopping.

Chris Cano: [00:28:18] Chopping block.

Chris Marti: [00:28:19] They’re going to get rid of him from daycare.

Chris Cano: [00:28:20] Yeah. So let me ask you this. Does Luke ever bite? You know? Do you? Oh, I bet it feels so good to have teeth.

Chris Marti: [00:28:28] Yes, he is. Teeth.

Chris Cano: [00:28:29] And it’s not a little gummy bites. Yeah, sharp teeth. Oh. Why does he get excited or is he mad?

Chris Marti: [00:28:35] He can’t talk and so he gets mad. So like he’s mad.

Chris Cano: [00:28:37] That he can’t.

Chris Marti: [00:28:37] Talk because people try and mess with him and he can’t tell them, no.

Chris Cano: [00:28:41] I’m you don’t bite me.

Chris Marti: [00:28:42] I’m like, I can talk. Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:28:44] Yeah, that’s.

Chris Marti: [00:28:45] True. Absolutely. So Luke is still fighting people. And so real quick, we go back to Bruce office, but we’ll talk about the New Braunfels buildings, like the Ruffles buildings, the one piece of real estate that we’ve done something together on. Right? We own this building. It’s a four way partnership between myself, you, Cody and Tony. And why mentioning it and why putting that out there is it’s funny because last Friday we had a sales meeting here and I was like, Cody. I said, Listen, bro, I said, You’re going to be here, bro. You’re going to come to our meeting, you’re going to present a line mortgage and things like that. So middle the day on Friday, he never came, right? No show. And then come the meeting and you bro, you didn’t send me the info. I said, Cody, you own the building where the meeting is at. Like what info do you need to come to the office that you own for the meeting? So I just think that that’s funny, that’s a little funny nugget there of just Cody level where you don’t know where the real estate that you own is or how to get there.

Chris Cano: [00:29:36] It’s crazy.

Chris Marti: [00:29:37] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:29:37] Yeah. Cody’s, uh. No, I was going to say, dude, because Ruth. No, it’s not her office. That’s a that was a good deal. But the land on locust that where, you know, you could build a four plex, but we bought it for 250 and I was going to use it for collateral to buy that 125 acres because I needed to come up with a mil and I didn’t want to liquidate a bunch of stuff. So, you know, for those of you who own real estate, look into how to use your real estate as collateral is freaking awesome. So shout out to Texas champion bank Beverly Fortner. She’s a G and buying land. But I give her this address, I give her this address. I said, get an appraisal on this and on this and tell me what the difference is on my down payment. It appraised for 500,000.

Chris Marti: [00:30:19] Dang. And we bought that thing at 280 I believe.

Chris Cano: [00:30:21] Right to 50 I think.

Chris Marti: [00:30:23] It was.

Chris Cano: [00:30:23] To 80. But I threw in the Mercedes deal dude she wanted the, she needed a car so I said take 30 K off the price. So what was that off the object.

Chris Marti: [00:30:34] It was off the Renault for the OBGYN.

Chris Cano: [00:30:36] That’s what it.

Chris Marti: [00:30:36] Was. It was 280 I think for the LA.

Chris Cano: [00:30:38] I think the law was 280. We took the car off the other office.

Chris Marti: [00:30:42] Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:30:42] But either way 500 dude just sell.

Chris Marti: [00:30:44] And so when you do, when you do that for people that don’t know because even I’m a little uneducated on that. So obviously they’re putting leans on it, but they do they legitimately count a dollar for dollar the equity position unlike your reduction. So like if if you had, let’s say $400,000 in equity, they would use up to 75% of that or something as a.

Chris Cano: [00:31:03] I mean, I’m sure, dude, every bank or lender has different you know, some will go to 90. I don’t know.

Chris Marti: [00:31:10] But they will. They’ll use the equity as a deposit down.

Chris Cano: [00:31:12] Of course, they hold on to the note I have on the summit building that we own where our event space is right now. I think they wanted 3.6. We offered 3 million and we they, we landed on like 3.1. I just straight use like a house. The one off of the one by TPC. Yes. And so I don’t like if we ever sell that. Like I don’t get a ton of cash. I just want my property back, right?

Chris Marti: [00:31:37] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:31:38] But it’s not like Monopoly, where when you flip it over like you mortgaged something, you know, because you just run out of money, you start mortgaging everything. And then if somebody lands on it, you don’t even get to collect rent. It’s not like that in real life.

Chris Marti: [00:31:49] You got it.

Chris Cano: [00:31:49] Turn over your card in real life and somebody lands on it. You still get that money. But it’s not like that’s going to the bank. But yeah, you flip the card over in real life, you still get the rent on it. And whenever you sell that asset, you they turn the card back over.

Chris Marti: [00:32:02] That makes that’s crazy. That’s a really neat way that I think a lot of people I know Ethan’s wanting to get into stuff like that. And we always talk about like cash flow and things like that. So it’s not.

Chris Cano: [00:32:10] Even getting into that. Like, I mean, just truthfully, bro, it’s blows my mind how many people don’t pick up a phone and call a banker for 30 minutes? Right. And just the stuff you could learn to say, hey, guess what? I want to buy real estate. And I would really love to have 300,000 of capital to do it right. They would just go and ask you questions like about your current assets, what you own, what you do. It’s so simple to get into this space. People just don’t know how to do it or they’re just, you know, for the most part, most entrepreneurs just like to talk about things. That’s those those are.

Chris Marti: [00:32:44] Facts, right?

Chris Cano: [00:32:45] And so the moment you start actually driving to Texas Champion Bank, you’re parking at Texas Champion Bank, and you’re going to actually discuss it. Like some people just don’t have that in them.

Chris Marti: [00:32:54] That makes a ton of sense. It’s actually doing so. What you’re saying is, don’t talk about it, be about it.

Chris Cano: [00:32:59] Not that not that corny, but yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:33:01] Not that corny. That’s really cool. So what we just learned, Meredith, is that we can leverage this building, and if we ever default on anything, he’ll get the notices of foreclosure. But we can use this building as leverage for our stuff. Do you.

Chris Cano: [00:33:13] Think Luke bites hard.

Chris Marti: [00:33:14] Bro?

Chris Cano: [00:33:17] How about you? There is no teacher. You have no teacher to call, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:33:20] Nobody can call him Marty.

Chris Cano: [00:33:23] Oh, dude, there, bro. That’s a police call like. Hey, Meredith. Sorry, cono eight Marty’s head. Can you please come pick him up? But not from school to go home, but like from the morgue because he’s dead. I’ll bite you until you don’t breathe anymore.

Chris Marti: [00:33:40] Absolutely. Okay. So don’t not leverage the building. Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:33:44] Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:33:44] Well, all right. Well.

Chris Cano: [00:33:46] So life insurance is on your policy.

Chris Marti: [00:33:48] I never that I don’t want to say on camera.

Chris Cano: [00:33:50] Like a quarter mil.

Chris Marti: [00:33:51] It’s more than that. Half more.

Chris Cano: [00:33:53] A mil.

Chris Marti: [00:33:54] More.

Chris Cano: [00:33:55] Two mil.

Chris Marti: [00:33:57] It’s three.

Chris Cano: [00:33:57] Three male if you die. Yeah. When did when did you do that physical. You must have been in good shape.

Chris Marti: [00:34:02] I was a non smoker.

Chris Cano: [00:34:05] Non drinker.

Chris Marti: [00:34:06] Non drinker, yeah. Yes, I did.

Chris Cano: [00:34:09] How much? So dream does Meredith get all of it?

Chris Marti: [00:34:12] No. Now, as of right now, yes. But like. No, I need she. Meredith needs a freaking payment plan, bro. I need to make sure that that’s, like, regimented and, like. Yeah. And, like, distributed. Absolutely. But though. Yes.

Chris Cano: [00:34:23] What else do you got?

Chris Marti: [00:34:24] An asset. We’re not going to put it all out there with a couple of homes. Yeah, we’ve got a couple of homes, right. I invest in real estate in Soho. You have a little bit of building. Got this building right. Got the thing like that. So we got some stuff.

Chris Cano: [00:34:36] In because people know when I first met you, they were like, dude, I don’t know you with those low margins. Right, but you are smashing, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:34:42] Yeah, absolutely. We have smashing, smashing. So and it’s interesting because we, you know, we obviously there’s peaks and valleys of everything. And it’s interesting that, you know, the last two years we’ve been investing a lot in the business. Right. And so as owners, we haven’t really been taking a ton of proceeds and things like that. But what’s neat now is that we’re starting to see the fruits of that labor right as now. People are kind of they’re trained right there in their groove and things like that. And so it kind of pays for itself.

Chris Cano: [00:35:07] You know who’s winning, bro? Anybody who’s still open in this market, straight up.

Chris Marti: [00:35:11] Absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:35:12] You know, you lose 20 K, you make 100 K, you lose a mil. You make I mean, dude, the fact of the matter is, you guys are employing a lot of people rebate house. You know, it must and I don’t know I was going to say it must make you happy. Maybe it pisses you off but when you see your employees make more than you as an owner, right.

Chris Marti: [00:35:30] Like it makes you happy every day.

Chris Cano: [00:35:32] Guaranteed making more money than me right now. Good for.

Chris Marti: [00:35:34] Tyler.

Chris Cano: [00:35:35] Guaranteed. I can multiply his bit structure times four mil guarantee making more money than me.

Chris Marti: [00:35:41] Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It’s a good feeling. I think that for us it’s the progression path. A lot of people.

Chris Cano: [00:35:45] Make it more than you.

Chris Marti: [00:35:46] Guaranteed.

Chris Cano: [00:35:47] Smashing.

Chris Marti: [00:35:48] You. We’re like Joey, you, Ethan V. We’re like the reception. Literally, the reception is Isaiah out there, the people producing this podcast. Yeah, but you know what? It’s a good time to be a business owner. Yeah, just like it’s always a good time to buy real estate. Absolutely. It’s like. It’s like it’s like to be a business owner.

Chris Cano: [00:36:06] But dude, you know, that’s real talk, though, to the business owners that listen to your podcast. That’s real talk, bro, because if you are a business owner that’s wrapped up in that kind of stuff and you care about that kind of stuff, you need to get out of this stuff because and because the hard part is, is those people make it more money than you want to make even more money than you. Right. Some of those discussions are difficult to say. Look, I may not be the best owner and I may not have the best strategy, but what don’t you understand that I’m literally creating an environment where you make it more than me right now, right? Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve made mistakes. Yeah. I could go and take more leadership classes or more how to not invest in the Spurs ever again. Classes or how to. But dude, you make it more money. What do you want? You want my shirt, right? You know, you want Lupe’s car seat. What do you want? And you must want to just sometimes rip, you know, freaking wall open, dude. But to be a business owner, let’s say, man, you know what? Even after taking all that cash back, I’m still happy for you. I’m still happy you’re winning.

Chris Marti: [00:36:58] Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:36:58] And I’ll get mine when that season comes.

Chris Marti: [00:37:00] And I just. I think that you can’t I think that you want to make sure that people have an environment where they can win, but also get them to understand how they can grow without always chasing comp. I think that people really dig themselves a hole when they chase comp. I think they put themselves in some bad scenarios to where like Rebuild House is philosophy. Even by even when we were by ourselves and we were mom and pop shop and no overhead and we could do any devastation and it didn’t matter because we were just doing such volume that the math works somehow, right? Some way. It always was a thing of like the more you know, the more that we cared less about the money, the more money that we made. Right. And yes, that’s kind of dumb, right? You obviously should know about your finances and have a plan and things like that. But my point is, is that like when you fixate on comp all the time and you’re worried about comp, you shut your brain down from like the things that are like, well, how can I do more in this? Or How can I do better in this, which actually makes you more money? I think a lot of people are just wanting, you know, pay me the most with the least amount of work. And that’s the formula people are chasing. And I think that that’s a formula for stagnant growth. That’s a.

Chris Cano: [00:37:59] Very deep. Well, I mean, do you your responsibility is obviously to help your people when. Right. And hopefully their responsibility is to make sure people win together. That’s a good culture, right? Where people want to win one for the coach because they know that if they win the hardware, you know, we get to put it in our trophy, in our trophy room. And I just feel like, you know, sometimes you will have those individuals, you have the ones that just want to win. They want to go home. You know, they’re not sticking around for the celebration. They’re not. And it’s tough, you know, because to each their own right. But is like kind of one of those. Don’t forget to tip your waiter. Yeah, you know, absolutely so. But I do. I’m proud of you guys, man. You all you all. You know the little engine that could.

Chris Marti: [00:38:38] We could.

Chris Cano: [00:38:39] You know, and I see you guys growing in this market, and a lot of people are looking for stability. And for a while, you know, people didn’t know what stability looked like. But y’all are here.

Chris Marti: [00:38:49] We’re here, and we’re bringing a bunch of people on. And so, you know, my goal is obviously just to make sure that.

Chris Cano: [00:38:53] We the right people on the.

Chris Marti: [00:38:55] Right people.

Chris Cano: [00:38:56] On the right people online, because just bringing a lot of people on ain’t success.

Chris Marti: [00:38:59] Yes, the right we have the right people. We’re bringing the right people on.

Chris Cano: [00:39:02] Who would you say are some of the wrong people you’ve brought on?

Chris Marti: [00:39:04] Oh, gosh, we can’t. We.

Chris Cano: [00:39:08] Oh. So this is just like. This is like a toned down.

Chris Marti: [00:39:12] Party, party, party, party. No.

Chris Cano: [00:39:15] I mentioned names. I’m just like.

Chris Marti: [00:39:17] Today’s. I’m not going to mention I like to mention Dave, but.

Chris Cano: [00:39:19] Because this isn’t live, dude, you know, y’all are watching something that’s probably edited right now. Yeah, I said a lot of other stuff. We mentioned names. There were names.

Chris Marti: [00:39:27] Mentioned.

Chris Cano: [00:39:28] And now they’re edited out.

Chris Marti: [00:39:29] No, no, we’re not going to do that. But what I will say is, is and I will be fair. I will be fair. There are people if you can’t own this as a business owner, you’re kind of fraud. There are people that were the wrong people here on camera. Are you looking at this one? There are people that there are people that were here or there were people that were here that aren’t here now that we’re the wrong people. Right. But there are absolutely people that were here that are not here, that it’s my fault. And they could have been the right people, the right person. No, I was the wrong person.

Chris Cano: [00:39:59] Oh, you were the wrong person.

Chris Marti: [00:40:01] Absolutely so.

Chris Cano: [00:40:02] And because of that, they became the wrong person.

Chris Marti: [00:40:04] Right? Because of me.

Chris Cano: [00:40:05] So you made them the wrong person.

Chris Marti: [00:40:06] I did. And that is a real thing. So I’m sorry. And you’re welcome to come back.

Chris Cano: [00:40:11] So that is that what the hand-written card says?

Chris Marti: [00:40:12] That’s what the hashtag.

Chris Cano: [00:40:14] Sorry for being confusing.

Chris Marti: [00:40:16] Sorry for me. Confusing? Yes, absolutely. But it’s the right season. It’s the right season for growth, for rebate house.

Chris Cano: [00:40:22] A lot of people take the time to bring someone back.

Chris Marti: [00:40:25] It’s the right time to bring someone back. It’s time to say sorry. There’s a song about that. I don’t remember that. How long is.

Chris Cano: [00:40:30] It too late to say that? I’m sorry, that one? No.

Chris Marti: [00:40:34] I don’t think so.

Chris Cano: [00:40:35] That one was the one. That was the one.

Chris Marti: [00:40:36] I don’t.

Chris Cano: [00:40:37] Think. Is that Bieber? Too late to.

Chris Marti: [00:40:40] Apologize. It’s too late to apologize. That’s it.

Chris Cano: [00:40:42] Hey, did you. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It’s too late. Yeah, it’s too late.

Chris Marti: [00:40:48] Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:40:50] You’re saying? Absolutely. But you were wrong in there.

Chris Marti: [00:40:52] In absolutely wrong, because I’m going to a different thought.

Chris Cano: [00:40:55] Hey, Meredith, do you do you ever appreciate Chris’s lips?

Chris Marti: [00:40:59] No.

Chris Cano: [00:41:01] Dude. Because when they were setting this up, who set up this room like this?

Chris Marti: [00:41:05] This table? Isaiah.

Chris Cano: [00:41:06] Isaiah. Oh, that’s right. He was telling me about it, right? Because he tried to use the other table because he wanted this intimately. Dude, yours lips are so distracting guy. There’s so do you do you do Botox?

Chris Marti: [00:41:19] Like, do not, bro.

Chris Cano: [00:41:20] Girls would kill for those legs.

Chris Marti: [00:41:23] Good Dad it just it’s a it’s natural all it’s Cuban. It’s you.

Chris Cano: [00:41:28] Do you gloss them though? You. I haven’t seen you lick them at all.

Chris Marti: [00:41:34] They’re just like that right now.

Chris Cano: [00:41:37] Oh, my. I know. Just act natural, guy. I overhear like, because I have, you know, I have my word. Curtain over here, dude. So I’m just kind of like, you don’t get to notice my stuff, but.

Chris Marti: [00:41:46] Yeah, that. But no, it’s the that’s how they came manufactured that way.

Chris Cano: [00:41:49] Yeah, absolutely. You look good, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:41:53] It’s good, dude. You got me way messed up. Okay, we got to be done. We got to.

Chris Cano: [00:42:00] Really, like, for real, dude, because. Okay, I’m paying attention because Marissa is getting ready for the wedding, right? Right. And so eyebrows have to start. You know, this is the season where facials, microblading got it. Everything else you look like how like I would think people want to look after they go through a lot of stuff.

Chris Marti: [00:42:17] Oh, good.

Chris Cano: [00:42:18] Your eyebrows. You do nothing.

Chris Marti: [00:42:19] I don’t do anything.

Chris Cano: [00:42:20] I don’t thread them.

Chris Marti: [00:42:21] No, I don’t threat them. Oh, my. No, I just wake up like this. Blessed. Hashtag blessed. My routine is very simple. I don’t. Let’s not even start. Let’s start. Okay. The answer. The answer. If you could guess what it is, the answer is literally do nothing. I just take showers. That’s it. So maybe that’s a problem. Maybe that. Maybe that the world has, like, created all of these oils and things and all this stuff, which actually makes the problem worse. It makes you have to keep doing it.

Chris Cano: [00:42:49] Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:42:50] And now you have to, because I don’t do any of that stuff.

Chris Cano: [00:42:52] I think it’s probably. Maybe the asbestos in this building.

Chris Marti: [00:42:55] Absolutely. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:42:56] Just totally.

Chris Marti: [00:42:57] Sag lamps.

Chris Cano: [00:42:59] Pop people just straight at rebate. How’s lips popping? Like, what’s going on around here? It’s the asbestos. My lips are trying as best as they can to.

Chris Marti: [00:43:07] As best as they can.

Chris Cano: [00:43:09] Living my asbestos life over here, bro.

Chris Marti: [00:43:12] That’s terrible.

Chris Cano: [00:43:12] Yeah. Yeah, that’s a terrible show. Oh, do. What was my other marketing idea for Rebate House? Freebie House. Right. One month a year. Dude, you just give away all the commission.

Chris Marti: [00:43:20] Every single free bait house. Absolutely. The you. Our agents will love that. Hey, guys, listen, Ethan, in the summer.

Chris Cano: [00:43:27] Everything in that month, that would roll over one month.

Chris Marti: [00:43:29] You’re going to have your breakout month in December. I’ll give anybody 21 days, dude.

Chris Cano: [00:43:34] I bet. Like, I get it, bro. I get that it would be difficult, but I seriously bet that if your agents committed to not making a commission one month out of the year, they’d make so much and the other 11 months because the publicity of free bad house would be stupid. Like it’s all market share. Right? And that’s what I would do if I were Navy, Federal or USAA. I would just have one month where everybody else as like a 5% rate and they just drop to.

Chris Marti: [00:43:56] Two.

Chris Cano: [00:43:57] And it’s stupid. There’s no margin, there’s no profit, but they draw in so many customers getting checking and savings accounts. They just make.

Chris Marti: [00:44:04] Boo. They make big bucks, dude do it three days December this year. Ethan, you down.

Chris Cano: [00:44:11] To the the the the real estate community would hate.

Chris Marti: [00:44:14] You guys. I just see I see they all like you right now, but we actually have to charge $1 for insurance, so it would have to be almost free house. Almost. Okay. Yeah, because we have to make something charge. We have to. We have to make $1. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Cano: [00:44:28] Hey, dude, did you ever tell me why do you think. How do I get Ethan back from Trevor Guy? How do you win over a rebate house realtor here, dude.

Chris Marti: [00:44:38] I think that I think that.

Chris Cano: [00:44:39] Time.

Chris Marti: [00:44:40] I think it’s time. I think I think the problem with rebate house with the lenders is that, like you said, it’s far out.

Chris Cano: [00:44:45] Here because Rick Scott, Joey and Andrew Conner. Yeah, they’re all boys.

Chris Marti: [00:44:49] But they live together.

Chris Cano: [00:44:49] That’s V is with Tyler. They live together, right? And you got Kasey who’s with Caleb?

Chris Marti: [00:44:56] Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:44:56] Dude, there’s a lot of connection. Theresa and Cody, like, you got a lot of connections.

Chris Marti: [00:45:00] We do have a lot of connections.

Chris Cano: [00:45:01] It’s hard to penetrate that.

Chris Marti: [00:45:03] J.r. And now his brother.

Chris Cano: [00:45:04] J.r. got a skills in the game. He’s going to crush it.

Chris Marti: [00:45:07] He is going to crush it. He’s really good. He’s good. We listen. We talked about him the other day. I don’t know if he brought something like seeing. I don’t know if he I don’t know if he knows me well enough to understand why I would ask him about his Facebook status. So. Okay, so.

Chris Cano: [00:45:20] I’ll go into that story. Yeah. No, I just wanted to know, like, cause when you onboard somebody, you know, they got to get to know your personality. Yeah. I just wonder if he liked you because Theresa doesn’t like you all the time.

Chris Marti: [00:45:29] Dang. Okay, but I don’t think. I don’t think she understands.

Chris Cano: [00:45:31] Well, he knows, dude. She likes Meredith. Yeah, but you do, Marty. I try to tell him simple things like, Hey, you know, people like to get a happy birthday text, you know, and. And that’s just not how his brain works, dude. Yeah. And you should be honest with people you recruit to say I might forget your birthday. It has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I’m weird and selfish and.

Chris Marti: [00:45:52] Well, I got to tell. I got to give J.R. props. He doesn’t like me. I got to give him.

Chris Cano: [00:45:56] I say it in like.

Chris Marti: [00:45:57] But it’s fine like you, J.R.. Look, I got to tell you about this. Although he doesn’t like me, there is a so he’s new, right? New realtor license. He’s making calls, right? As you know, making calls are hard. So he bought with help from Andrew, who also botched this this CMA. Right. They gave this guy a value that was just really not the right value is way low and it was almost insulting. Right. It was a big mistake that they both made on the value. And so when they presented it to the guy, the customers like y’all are not smart, like this is insulting. So anyways the guy is mad just trying to get up the phone and J.R. goes, Okay, sir, so would you refer to any of your family and friends like to this guy that are literally mad and the guy is like, No, no, I wouldn’t. But that’s a good salesperson.

Chris Cano: [00:46:40] That’s a good sale or just the most ultimate troll. Yeah. Yes. So he said, Would you refer me to any of your friends or family and what the guy say?

Chris Marti: [00:46:49] Absolutely not.

Chris Cano: [00:46:51] And did he say why? Because you don’t have any friends or families are like he just said no.

Chris Marti: [00:46:55] He just said, what did I say back?

Speaker3: [00:46:57] Oh, he’s like, have a great.

Chris Cano: [00:46:58] Day. Like, did J.R. is a beast. He’s he’s he’s going to he’s going to crush it here.

Chris Marti: [00:47:02] He is going to crush it. He’s going to do really well.

Chris Cano: [00:47:04] Hey, did we hit all your talking points, guy?

Chris Marti: [00:47:06] We hit all our. What do.

Chris Cano: [00:47:06] You think your audience got away from this.

Chris Marti: [00:47:08] Podcast?

Chris Cano: [00:47:11] No secrets.

Chris Marti: [00:47:12] No secrets. I will get you the best deal in real estate. I always have a plan for you, but I always buy real estate. Yeah, but that I am an everyday, not normal guy, but cool to know. And good for business. Yeah, that’s good.

Chris Cano: [00:47:28] You don’t plug yourself on the podcast at all.

Chris Marti: [00:47:30] I mean. Right now, we’re. We’re. I want it to be authentic, you know what I mean? I don’t want it to be. This is something that I actually pride myself on. So I’m the same like on camera during the transaction, after the transaction, at work and at home. I’m a constant. I am the same person in all aspects of everything, which is neat. You know, a lot of people have like a work. Yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:47:50] So I mean, that’s one way some people would describe it. Yeah, it’s neat. Go ahead. It’s neat.

Chris Marti: [00:47:56] It is neat.

Chris Cano: [00:47:57] I think I saw a movie called Groundhog Day where it was the same every day and it wasn’t neat. They hated it. You ever seen that?

Chris Marti: [00:48:05] Yeah. Yeah. Well, anyways, yeah.

Chris Cano: [00:48:07] The same every day of your life.

Chris Marti: [00:48:08] Go ahead. Like myself, I’m a constant. So I think that. I think that a lot. I think the main purpose that I want people to take away from the podcast, aside the fact that we can help you sell real estate and we know a lot what’s going on is that, one, I care, and two, I’m constant and authentic. So that’s the big thing. And those lips stop it, man. But yes, we did have authentic lips. I We’re done. We’re good. It’s like.

Chris Cano: [00:48:29] Your lips for the camera.

Chris Marti: [00:48:30] Real quick. Good.

Chris Cano: [00:48:31] All right. Well, dude, thanks for having me.

Chris Marti: [00:48:33] Thanks. Thanks for having. Thanks for having us.

Chris Cano: [00:48:36] Wait, I didn’t have you. Are you having.

Chris Marti: [00:48:38] Me?

Chris Cano: [00:48:38] Yeah. Yeah. Thank you guys for tuning the Chris Kyle podcast.

Chris Marti: [00:48:42] Oh, next week we’re going to close this out the right way. Thank you guys for tuning in with us with our guest, Chris Kono on maybe episode three, but it might be the pilot. This is a mardi party, as always, like subscribe to the channel. As you can see, we’re going to have a lot of fun with this cover. Myriad mirrored my read of topics with all sorts of different information and things like that. So thank you again, guys, and catch us next time. But.

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