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The Marti Party #004 | Mike Patino, Bella Vista Homes

Ever wondered what the best recovery food in Vegas is? Or how to use an outdoor shower to meet your future wife?

Welcome to THE MARTI PARTY podcast, hosted by The Rebate Guy himself: Chris Marti!

For our fourth episode, Mike Patino joins The Rebate Guy Chris Marti to share some career stories with us, including his path from gym membership cold calling to being a Sales Professional with Bella Vista Homes.

Enjoy a casual chat between friends about life, friends, marriage, Las Vegas, hot dogs, and how to navigate a career where you are “always on stage.”

You can watch the video below, or scroll down for the full transcript.

Huge thanks to Mike for coming on and sharing his stories, experiences, and knowledge with The Marti Party!

Interview Transcript

Chris Marti: [00:00:15] Welcome back to the Marti Party. The number one North American podcast experience in the world. This is episode number four of the Marti Party. Thank you so much for coming back. If we have not scared you off in our first three episodes. So we appreciate that for our fourth for our fourth episode, we have a legendary guest here. His name is Mr. Mike. Mike Patino. Patino on the mike.

Mike Patino: [00:00:38] You’re on the mic.

Chris Marti: [00:00:38] Mike on the mic with Mike. And Mike is a good friend of our family. He is. He’s got a lot of history. I’m not going to steal it from I’m not going to steal it from him. But Mike is a good friend of ours, a lot of background in fitness and some other crazy cool adventures that him and his family have experienced and also is in the builder world as well. You guys can catch him over at a Bellevue, Princeton classic. Holmes But Mike, we will turn it over to you. So welcome.

Mike Patino: [00:01:04] Thank you. Thank you for having me. Super excited to be part of the the Marti Party.

Chris Marti: [00:01:08] The Marti Party.

Mike Patino: [00:01:09] Coveted Marti Party.

Chris Marti: [00:01:10] So absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:01:11] Get to be a special guest out here.

Chris Marti: [00:01:13] Yeah, for sure. And you know, Mike, so take us back. Right. So let’s start at the beginning. The beginning. The very beginning. Who is Mike Patino?

Mike Patino: [00:01:23] Mike Patino, Mikey piece. So let me give you a little bit of history, I guess.

Chris Marti: [00:01:27] Yeah.

Mike Patino: [00:01:28] So I’m originally from Laredo, Texas, right? I was born in Laredo, moved to Mexico. Monterrey, Mexico. Two weeks later, my dad was a chemical engineer.

Chris Marti: [00:01:42] For.

Mike Patino: [00:01:42] A mexican petroleum firm and lived out there for my first seven years of my life, moved back to the States, back to Laredo, Texas. I had to do funny story, right? So I had to I had to do was a kinder or first graf to do first grade. Again, I believe I came back.

Chris Marti: [00:01:59] Even speak.

Mike Patino: [00:01:59] English speaking English. You know, I knew like typical words like, you know, nuggets, chicken nuggets, right. So I had to do, yeah, first grade again. And so I ended up one of them being one of the older kids in the class, but that was pretty cool. Got to be a little bit.

Chris Marti: [00:02:13] But dang, that’s okay. So you so grew up or young years were in Mexico. You come back.

Mike Patino: [00:02:18] Early years Mexico some. I did have some recollection right. Yeah. Tended a couple of years of school there, but for the most part it was Laredo, Texas. I grew up in Laredo, Texas, man. Yeah, I came up here for college and never went back.

Chris Marti: [00:02:32] Never, never left. Oc Never.

Mike Patino: [00:02:34] Left. Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:02:35] So. I grew up fully in the States, so obviously having kind of a dual country upbringing. I mean, what did that do for you? Right. Was it kind of a was it a help? Would you consider it overall.

Mike Patino: [00:02:47] A super cool having? I mean, well, first of all, Laredo or the border, you know, isn’t what you guys know of today. Right, the crazy drug wars and cartel wars. Right. That wasn’t till my later years where I was already leaving that it got pretty bad there. It was a beautiful place to have. It was awesome to just be able to go across the border and, you know, for the most part party, right?

Chris Marti: [00:03:10] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Cool.

Mike Patino: [00:03:12] 18 years old going into the clubs out there.

Chris Marti: [00:03:14] Dang, that’s cool.

Mike Patino: [00:03:15] So yeah, it was a really, really cool place to have. Go get cheap stuff, whatever you want. It was pretty much over there and my mom’s family, my dad’s family for the most part still, even though we resided in the States, you know, my grandfather’s and my cousins and whatnot still lived on that side. So it was pretty nice to go over there.

Chris Marti: [00:03:31] That’s really, really neat. And what you know, as far as Laredo, I never been down there myself. But is it a different vibe than San Antonio? What’s it like?

Mike Patino: [00:03:39] Different vibe meant, I mean, completely international vibe. If you ever went to Mexico or any of those places, clubs in San Antonio or if you caught, what was it, on to 81 salsa night? Yes, that’s pretty much what it’s going to be out there. Super fun crowd. It’s been drawing a lot more attention now that it’s got a couple of universities out there. Let me say your name is out there. So it’s gotten a lot more attention and a lot more draw. Yeah, but before that, man, I mean, it was just a small little town and my graduating class was probably like 200 people.

Chris Marti: [00:04:14] That’s cool. So it’s.

Mike Patino: [00:04:15] Pretty cool.

Chris Marti: [00:04:15] That’s okay. So that’s really neat. So you’re out there, you’re living the life, right? Obviously you’re growing up fast, right? You know. Yeah, growing up really quick, going back and forth between Mexico and having a good time. So when you come to college in San Antonio, where are you going? Where did you go to college yet?

Mike Patino: [00:04:30] So I started off at San Antonio Community College. Yep, I was there for a few years, I believe it or not, man. It’s funny thing. So as I’m messing around trying to pick electives. Yeah, obviously it was a Canis Major, right? Or what’s it sports and science degree now, but I chose real estate principles.

Chris Marti: [00:04:50] That’s interesting. Yeah.

Mike Patino: [00:04:51] And contracts. Yes. Agency principle principles, one or two agency law and contracts. I took those courses. Gosh, man. Early 2000.

Chris Marti: [00:05:01] That’s interesting.

Mike Patino: [00:05:02] Yeah, that’s super, super cool. Never used them. Yeah, took them just as electives really got the college credit for it and kept moving along.

Chris Marti: [00:05:09] With absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:05:10] Core studies all throughout this time I worked at at I was in the fitness industry. Right. I worked in the gyms back in Laredo, got hired at Bally Total Fitness up here and Antonio at the quarry helped open that up and then eventually made the move over to Gold’s Gym when they came over in 2004.

Chris Marti: [00:05:31] And you were at Gold’s, I mean, pretty much most of your adult life, right?

Mike Patino: [00:05:35] 17 years, I think a little under 17 years is what I worked for them collectively.

Chris Marti: [00:05:41] That’s crazy.

Mike Patino: [00:05:41] And many, many memories met a ton of connections there. And a lot of folks, believe it or not, that are in our industry now.

Chris Marti: [00:05:48] Yes, I’ve.

Mike Patino: [00:05:48] Noticed that stemmed from from from the gym industry or the fitness.

Chris Marti: [00:05:51] Industry, either Bally’s or Gold’s as well. I’ve heard both like both of them are in there. So I think that’s interesting for me and for anyone that’s kind of watching, right. If you don’t know real estate in new home sales, right, you can get your real estate license or you can sell new construction homes in a model home. And so a lot of the guys in the industry in the model homes came from either the gym or cell phone sales. So I think that’s really interesting. And let me ask that question. Right. You know, what about Bally’s? What about gold? What about the gym? Fitness industry made you guys so elite that you all are doing all very well in real estate? What was it about that?

Mike Patino: [00:06:24] So I’ve been able to and it’s the question. The question of all question is just because of the fact that there’s such a large footprint of of of strong leaders in this industry that came from those backgrounds, like you mentioned. But I really think it’s it’s the grind that they I mean, when it comes to Bally’s, it was definitely the grind. It was very old school micromanaging. I’ll tell you what, my first my first week funny story, right? First week about Bally total fitness at the quarry. I’m a new kid, maybe 20 years old, thinking I’m I’m buff, thinking I’m going to go and, you know, talk to chicks and move some weights. Little did I know it’s a full force sales job like telemarketing sales job lead gen, like all the OGs core to sales came from there. But the story is I came in with Happy. They said, all right, so, you know, make some calls, get some folks didn’t invite them in for a free pass. I was like, Awesome, who do I call? They send me into a closet a lot smaller than what you got going on here. Shiny i.t. Closet. Yes. With a phone and a phonebook. Yeah. And literally said have at it. So I’m literally calling off the white pages cold. What really is cold. Ice cold. And we had to have ten appointments a day. So you could just imagine how many calls. Yeah. Mikey P had an involved to Mikey P, right. How many calls Mike had to make just to even set foot out of that. And you were treated like a slave in there. You couldn’t set foot out of that closet as a rookie until you got your ten appointments. So, I mean, that’s an extreme right, but that just gives you an idea of the day to day grind that it was. We have an initiative going on right now that we have to make 100 calls in a week. Right. My guys had to make 800 calls a day.

Chris Marti: [00:08:07] Right.

Mike Patino: [00:08:07] That’s 50 calls before you took a break, period. That’s just that was just a lot of boots on the ground marketing and and building relationships. So that was a lot of the stuff that was drilled to us.

Chris Marti: [00:08:21] Let’s see, four, which makes sense. So you all have had such a solid foundation in just how hard it was that obviously coming to real estate in new home sales where it’s difficult in a different way. But you all have a really good foundation for just the work, the work ethic that’s required.

Mike Patino: [00:08:36] It’s and it’s a it’s kind of like a cadence, right? You have to have a cadence, a daily cadence. Right. And you have to you have to understand also the sales process. So within my ten year there, I made it up to a regional sales trainer. Okay. So everybody that I talked to, right, as a matter of fact, my wife, I was so embarrassed, right. When I met my my wife’s parents. Right. You know, of course. So what do you do? I work at the gym. Yeah. They look at you, you lift weights all day. And that was really the furthest thing from my day, right?

Chris Marti: [00:09:08] Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:09:08] You know, I went in from from breaking down panels to to land acquisitions for new for new gyms or acquiring existing gyms and acquiring membership basis to developing corporate relationships, dealing with chambers of commerce, and then going back down by midafternoon and grilling down on my sales managers. Hey, where are we on our numbers? How are we doing on our calls where our cancellations.

Chris Marti: [00:09:33] That’s.

Mike Patino: [00:09:33] Creation and and profitability. At the end of the day, we have to keep the gym running. Right. So we have to keep a profit margin going. So that was all before I even touched the weight.

Chris Marti: [00:09:44] Right. Absolutely. So which is I don’t think that people really think about that.

Mike Patino: [00:09:48] Right? Oh, they don’t. And still to this day even, it’s just got a stigma. Right. You know, what do you do? You work at a gym, you lift weights all day. But it really, truly was a hard core sales one on one gig like and.

Chris Marti: [00:09:59] Makes a lot of.

Mike Patino: [00:09:59] Sense it did give us that that those routes that I think a lot of the guys or people that are in this industry that came from that industry have in common that make it really easy for them to follow that cadence and not to mention the building relationship aspect of it is huge, I feel.

Chris Marti: [00:10:18] Absolutely. That makes a lot of sense because you’ve met a lot of people through the gym that that now you circle back to and whether they worked with you or they were like members. Right. There’s a lot of people you come across.

Mike Patino: [00:10:28] Absolutely. And our weekly sales meeting where I’m at, there’s there’s five in there right now that Tracy Point worked with me. For me or by me.

Chris Marti: [00:10:40] That’s that’s super interesting. So, okay, so Jim gave you super solid roots. You come to college, you graduated, right? You finished?

Mike Patino: [00:10:48] I finished. My associates didn’t. Yeah. Mikey took off on the on the gym path.

Chris Marti: [00:10:53] He got it just.

Mike Patino: [00:10:54] Took me on a different.

Chris Marti: [00:10:54] Absolutely. Okay. So we’re at the gym, right? That’s we’re there and we meet your lovely wife. How long after.

Mike Patino: [00:11:01] That? So super cool, right? I got, I got I was mainly stationed in the medical area, right. Yep. So didn’t really travel to the northeast side, Live Oak. That was another city right to me at that time. So I got stationed out there and so cool thing she walks in, right? She’s one of my sales guys, takes her in and gives her a tour or what have you. So you go in to do a post tour review with him. As soon as she leaves, I was like, Hey, so give me the scoop. Yeah, what’s up? What happened? Why didn’t you close her? When is she coming back? Right. Are you following up? Does she have any friends? Yeah. And she was like, yes, great. Awesome. All right. So now give me the real scoop. Absolutely. So, yeah, of course I was interested. Yeah, that’s a funny thing. Obviously, you know, she was a teacher, right? So she came in to work out after school about 8:00. So I, I kind of tweaked my schedule.

Chris Marti: [00:11:52] Yeah. To be there.

Mike Patino: [00:11:53] To make sure that I was working out and work out clothes. Yeah. Back then I was in a lot better shape than I am. I’m out now.

Chris Marti: [00:12:00] Yeah. You’re definitely not big enough.

Mike Patino: [00:12:01] Yeah, no, no. A lot better shape, a little less tattoos, but I made sure that I was in my muscle shirt and working out and make sure I was pumped right right in front of her area every time. Those are like a specific exercise that to this day, if you ask her, she won’t admit it. But I know it was her favorite exercise of watching me do.

Chris Marti: [00:12:18] It’s all right. That’s that’s on camera. We got that.

Mike Patino: [00:12:20] You need to bring that up. Yeah, absolutely. But. Well, and then I had my own routine, right? So I finished my my workout. And regardless whether she was there or not, I was going in the steam room. Yeah, she would never go. So by the time I made it to the steam room, it was usually time for. For them to either go to the locker room, her and her friends, and leave. Yeah, but I would make it a point just to waiver what have you. Oh, one more point. Right. So going into the steam room in this particular gym, Chris, this is real steamy stuff, right? All right. No pun intended. They had like an outdoor like shower that you would just pool, kind of like, you know, Flashdance. Yes. But then it just come to rinse you off before you went in the pool in the steam room. But you could see through it from the gym floor. Wow. So I would make it a point that I’m in my towel. Yeah. And I had to pull Flashdance on it so Britney could see me. That’s amazing. And I would tell my friends about. And they were like, Oh, you’re crazy, you’re silly, you’re stupid, what have you. Well, a few weeks later, I walk in the steam rooms all steamy, can’t see, you know, go and do my thing. Lo and behold, Britney is in there. My wife and her friend are in there. And I was like, I’m in.

Chris Marti: [00:13:25] You’re like a done deal.

Mike Patino: [00:13:26] Got it, got this. I got this. So, yeah, we we started dating.

Chris Marti: [00:13:30] And.

Mike Patino: [00:13:32] Never, never, never looked back.

Chris Marti: [00:13:34] That’s funny. That’s a funny story.

Mike Patino: [00:13:35] It’s like ten, 12 years later. Now, that’s actually tomorrow night, your marriage anniversary day and congratulations.

Chris Marti: [00:13:41] That’s really cool for y’all. I think that that’s like, really neat. I think a lot of people, you know. Have stories like that of like how they met their significant others, and they aren’t necessarily sharing them in the unfiltered, raw version. And that’s funny.

Mike Patino: [00:13:55] And that’s another thing we’re asking who is Mikey? Yeah, who is Mike? Right. I mean, what you see is what you get. And that to a fault, man, sometimes it just. I need a little bit more filtration.

Chris Marti: [00:14:07] Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:14:08] But that’s where my wife comes into play. That’s where she balances me out.

Chris Marti: [00:14:11] And that makes a lot of sense.

Mike Patino: [00:14:13] Yeah, well, she’s my censorship.

Chris Marti: [00:14:15] Well, let’s lead into that. I know that for those who haven’t, Mike, Mike obviously is extremely, extremely talented, extremely qualified in what he does. Definitely the top dog in the room, right. The Alpha. So you know how. Give us a story of of how sometimes your strong wildness has gotten you into some situations.

Mike Patino: [00:14:38] Gosh, I mean, I can tell you about one almost every day.

Chris Marti: [00:14:42] It’s a good one.

Mike Patino: [00:14:45] I got to be. I got to be smart here.

Chris Marti: [00:14:47] Yeah, start here.

Mike Patino: [00:14:48] Well, there’s a. The key to being a good leader or mentor or whatever it is, you know, whatever you call yourself or want to do for somebody or just friend, right. Is is to know when when no one to hold them and know when to fold them. You play cards, right, Chris? I mean, we play cards together, right? Yeah. So, yeah, there’s some times where yes, absolutely the offense comes out, right. And then you just and it’s not necessarily often it’s it’s it’s you want to you want to take control or maybe that’s not even the right word either. Right. Doesn’t help the situation. But you want you want to you want to lead you want to help find a solution, right? The quickest way possible. And you want to help everybody get to rowing in the same direction, right?

Chris Marti: [00:15:33] Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:15:33] And and, yes, it could be viewed as alpha. It could be viewed as control. It can be viewed as in many things. But but in the raw sense, really and truly, if you get to know someone like that, all they’re doing is trying to help.

Chris Marti: [00:15:44] Right?

Mike Patino: [00:15:44] Absolutely right. And sometimes it’s overbearing.

Chris Marti: [00:15:46] Right.

Mike Patino: [00:15:46] And and a lot of cases, folks, I’ve learned the hard way. Right. That a lot of cases, folks aren’t motivated the same way I am. Right. Right. Absolutely. And they don’t take the same. And that wasn’t that was hard for me to compute at a very young age, given a management position. Right. So, you know, I was turned over at keys to a multimillion dollar gym. Right. That goes 23 years old. Yes. I was the top dog in sales, so I thought I was a top dog, period at all. Right. Well, lo and behold, I didn’t know crap. Right. And I didn’t know how to talk to people. I didn’t know how to engage people. I didn’t know how to motivate people because I didn’t care to learn about people. Right. The whole find out there wasn’t really that didn’t exist back in the day. So at least not for me. And I struggled with that. And one story is right again, going to the gym and I started rolling heads on everybody, right? Stuff wasn’t up to par the way I wanted. And next thing you know, I had a mass exodus through the 24 hour gym crash.

Chris Marti: [00:16:41] So you lost.

Mike Patino: [00:16:42] Something. So I lost so much staff that I was there literally 24 hours a day because I had to watch the front desk, because I had to clean toilets, because I yelled at my you know, so I learned a very, very hard way. And a mentor that I had back then, you know, pulled me aside. Yeah. And kind of, you know, made me realize, Hey, dude, yes. You’ve been successful.

Chris Marti: [00:17:03] Right up until now.

Mike Patino: [00:17:04] Up until now. And now you’re going to have to grow, right? So that really took me, took a step back. That’s good. And I, you know, again, learned a lot in my previous career. Right. But a lot of it was that was when when you know, when to put it aside and understand how to treat people, what really makes them tick. Right. And I think that ultimately that propelled me to be a wave and better salesman and then projected me the opportunity to be a regional sales trainer and train people right on on how to build relationships and how to talk to folks.

Chris Marti: [00:17:36] That’s really that’s really, really good.

Mike Patino: [00:17:37] So that’s that’s on a way that. Yes, my. Intense filter. This personality kind of met a brick wall. And I had to grow around it and and develop and it was awesome for it, man.

Chris Marti: [00:17:55] That makes a lot of sense. Well, I think it’s important as well. Like the just the rawness in that I think a lot of people lose sight on the fact that just because you’re good at one thing doesn’t mean that what you got you there is going to get you there. You have to stay humble.

Mike Patino: [00:18:08] You have to stay humble.

Chris Marti: [00:18:09] Well, and we’ve talked about this a lot. So Mike has another good friend of ours, Anthony. He also worked at the gym business, the husband of one of our employees here at Rebate House. And we talk about this a lot, right? Managing people is a whole nother animal, right? The whole world. It’s a whole animal. And so I think it’s really interesting to me when you see I’ve struggled here at Rebate House, just learning. Right, trial and error. Right? Like what works? What doesn’t work? You know, we’ve had turnover. I’ve had people that I’m like, I’m glad you’re gone. I’ve had people that I’m like, Hey, wish you were so here, right? My bad. I’ve had it right. But, you know, it’s I think it’s interesting in the builder world, especially where we’re all in in the real estate world, where, like you said, people move up from the sales floor. Right? So they’re selling homes. They’re in an office by themselves. So if you all haven’t seen this, you know, these new home sales counselors are usually in an office by themselves or with one other partner. And then they, you know, they just one day get promoted. So all they’ve ever had to deal with is themselves or one other person and the guest center in front of them. And now all of a sudden they get promoted and have become these exactly. Have a whole district, all these different personalities and things that they’ve never had to deal with before. Right. And pulling it off a new home sales to not make it too specific, but like more on the real estate and things like that. I think that until you’re in a position like that, even for me as one of the leaders here of having to learn how to talk to people, how to connect, how to relate, you know, there are things that I just don’t find in interesting that are people’s everything, you know what I mean? And you kill them, you 100%.

Mike Patino: [00:19:35] And the sad part is, like you said, you have some folks that you’re like, hey, yes, yeah, there’s the door. Yeah, right, right. And some folks were like, man, you knew that you could have done. Yes. Something better or something more, or even just as a good leader, which I’m sure you are, you expressed that you’re going to reflect that on yourself, whether they were good or not. You’re going to say, what could I have done right, to maybe have made this work better, made it better. And that just and that’s every day. I don’t think there’s ever going to come a time, Chris, where you’re like, I got this right, right. Like it’s every day you’re constantly evolving because we’re constantly dealing with different folks. Every focus, every person is a different world. To that point, I’ve been, I think, the last two or three years, I’ve been reading a lot of books. Yeah, man, I’m not kidding. I don’t read shit, man.

Chris Marti: [00:20:24] But you are reading.

Mike Patino: [00:20:25] Audible Audible the shit out of books, right? Quite a bit. So there’s one that I’m on right now is actually very interesting. It’s called The One Thing and one thing.

Chris Marti: [00:20:35] I’ve not.

Mike Patino: [00:20:35] Read that. So it’s by Gary Keller, the one thing so far I’m on chapter five and it’s super interesting because I mean, obviously it says the one thing, right? So you’re like, okay, so what is it? I want the one thing we’re just talking about, like, when do you finally reach that point where you kind of master, right?

Chris Marti: [00:20:51] Yeah.

Mike Patino: [00:20:52] Leadership or whatever it is that you’re doing.

Chris Marti: [00:20:54] Right, right.

Mike Patino: [00:20:55] So it’s so intriguing. Right. And it. Leads up until Chapter five right now, which is I’m having a conflict with it. Right. Because of the fact that it it it talks about multitasking and how multitasking is a guaranteed way to screw things up.

Chris Marti: [00:21:12] That is.

Mike Patino: [00:21:13] Interesting that it’s not necessarily a a.

Chris Marti: [00:21:16] Like a.

Mike Patino: [00:21:16] Pro. Yeah, it’s not a pro. People hey, I’m a great multitasker. Right, right. That’s my wife. But it’s actually not necessarily a pro. There was a study done in Stanford University and they studied a group of multitaskers and a group of not right. And they give them a test multitaskers failed, bombed miserably. Right. And it was because of the fact that you could not focus your brain could not focus on two things at once. You could do two things at once. Yes. Walk and talk, you know, chew gum and be there.

Chris Marti: [00:21:45] Chew gum and read area.

Mike Patino: [00:21:47] But to actually focus like 100% undivided attention on one or two things at a time, it just couldn’t happen. One thing was going to just be lacking.

Chris Marti: [00:21:56] Right? Right.

Mike Patino: [00:21:56] And the term multitasking actually didn’t even come into place. So like the 1960s, right? It was a term that was made up because of computer programming on which computers made it seem like there were so fast at doing multiple tasks.

Chris Marti: [00:22:10] Right.

Mike Patino: [00:22:10] That it seemed like they were doing it at once, right?

Chris Marti: [00:22:12] But they were really doing it one at a time.

Mike Patino: [00:22:14] They were really doing it one at a time in such like so fast. Right? I think it was like back in the day it was like ten megahertz and it was like, whoa, yeah. Right. But it was also one source. It was one CPU. Right. So it got moved over to the source being humans. Right. And actually, we don’t have those capabilities. So I’ve been I’ve been one of the ones that has pride myself on. I’m a multitasker. I could do a bunch of things at once and that makes me efficient, right? So now I’m not done with the book, but it’s got me questioning like, yeah, am I efficient or am I just messing up on a bunch of other things?

Chris Marti: [00:22:47] Right, exactly. Because you’re doing you’re trying to. That’s a really interesting. Yeah, I’m a king of that in a bad way. Now I’m thinking of the same thing where I have so much going on, so many different hats on, like you said, you’re prone to. You’re like Jack of all trades, master none. You’re not efficient.

Mike Patino: [00:23:02] That’s interesting. And even as as we grow, like, you know, outside of our profession as parents, right? Like talk about wearing multiple hats, doing like you got multiple kids, you got two kids, dogs like family, wife things going on. It’s almost like a must, right?

Chris Marti: [00:23:16] Right. Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:23:17] But am I really failing? Right. I got to conclude, maybe Marti Party section eight. I’ll follow up with when I finish that. But if I had to flip the script and ask you, what is your one thing.

Chris Marti: [00:23:29] That’s so that’s interesting, man. That’s really, really interesting. So I am I am very all in right now on real estate, which is kind of backwards, right? Which is kind of backwards. Right. Your family is always top priority and they are right. Like my wife, my kids, like they’re always number one. Absolutely right. But I think that for me, I’m a perfect example of that. So a lot of people don’t know this. This is a cool, interesting story. So for the last like almost two years, I actually had a second job. I tried I went to college for software engineering. So that’s what I went to school for with software development. And I actually took a second gig developing, you know, software for a big company here in town, loan software, and took like a two year gig on that. So I was still involved in real estate, still owned the company, but I was very much multitasking, very much multitasking. And that’s actually a really good thing to bring up because I can tell you that it doesn’t work, right. I there weren’t enough hours in the day, right? So I was on a 60, 70 hour work week. Miserable and not for why you would think I was miserable, right? I was not miserable because of the work hours, of the jobs.

Chris Marti: [00:24:30] Right. Of one set of employees versus another set of coworkers. Right. I was at a different level at the other company. It had nothing to do with that at all. I was miserable because I couldn’t win at anything, right? Like it felt like I was losing in every single arena. No matter how many hours, no matter how many things. I couldn’t take a W, right? So for me it was like, you know, obviously we have a lot of responsibility in real estate, right? So there was always like the most pressing things, right? The legal, the responsibility, making sure that everything’s up to code. We’re providing a service. That’s things like that, like that’s a priority. Then I had this second gig, you know, that was a lot of like my nights, weekends, you know, things like that, making sure that things got done and it was just it was too much, right? You couldn’t do both. And so burning the candle. Yes, burning the candle at both ends. And not only that, it was a true multitask situation where there are two separate animals. Right.

Chris Marti: [00:25:16] You have one hat on, which is like, hey, you work with engineers to build something from nothing, right? So you’ve got to dissect how it should this you have to create something from nothing, right? How should this work? How should it look? How should it function a, b, c, d, e, that’s that’s one set of hat versus the other hat that I have here at Rebate House as far as like again making sure that like are we providing the best service, right? Making sure that we have all of our forms, our disclosures, all the legal stuff that real estate agents have to have. Absolutely right. Being the lead team lead here of making sure that, like, I’m training them, helping them, coaching them. So to answer your point in the long run around is that I can tell you firsthand it doesn’t work. And so when I go back into I’m all in on real estate, obviously separate from family, which is, of course, family and faith, which is, of course, first, I can definitely tell you that being all in on one thing helps a lot, right? And I actually feel like I’m getting WS when for the last two years exactly one thing.

Mike Patino: [00:26:12] And I’m a king too of of and status in the book right I’m a king of to.

Chris Marti: [00:26:17] Do list. Yeah.

Mike Patino: [00:26:18] And it made sense of why I do it because I need that sense of accomplishment. Right. Check that box. Yep. But that’s actually also counterintuitive to, to what this book is stating. It’s stating my to do list should be one thing.

Chris Marti: [00:26:33] Right. That’s interesting.

Mike Patino: [00:26:34] I still haven’t figured it out yet.

Chris Marti: [00:26:36] My list to be or you have to finish the book. And Tony, you got to finish the book and tell me because I’m really interested in like knowing how that kind of goes and how that ends. So that’s super interesting. You haven’t been reading. Now you’re reading, right? We talked about that. I know that in general going back to real estate. Right. So your wife just became not just became. But she’s been licensed recently. She. He started here with us. So, you know. Yes, super excited about that. So excited to just kind of get like an outsider’s look. Right. So for somebody that’s never been a real estate agent, right? I know you’re a new home sales, but you haven’t been in Asian and of course, you’re not one now, but your wife is right from the angle of people that are like getting started in real estate, right? For the people that are like an angle of getting started in real estate, they’ve never done it before. Like what were some big things to overcome for you all going from a stable teaching career into a 1099 real estate world like? So what does that look like for a family? Right.

Mike Patino: [00:27:34] Tell us. Oh, that’s a tough one, man. And that was really that was well, once once the decision was made to leave teaching. Yes. Right. That was I want to say the biggest hurdle to overcome was going from something that’s been such stable, hey, you get paid once a month, right? You know, you know when it’s coming, you get your summers off, you know, when you have to report back.

Chris Marti: [00:27:55] Right. But similar to what we just said, she couldn’t do both. Right. It didn’t.

Mike Patino: [00:27:59] Work. Correct. It just it just wasn’t working. And where the family was going, it just it just wasn’t working. I knew this all or I wanted this to be. Her case all along is to be all in.

Chris Marti: [00:28:10] Right? All that’s on one.

Mike Patino: [00:28:12] Thing that that’s usually if I’m going to do something. Hey, that’s it. I’m going all in. No looking back.

Chris Marti: [00:28:17] Not.

Mike Patino: [00:28:18] I. You know, I have to give it my all. If not, I just wouldn’t forgive myself.

Chris Marti: [00:28:22] Right? Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:28:24] So when she said she was like, I want to keep teaching, I said, well, I understand because of the security blanket. Right, the stability. Not to mention she’s been a student and a teacher her whole life, if you think about it. I mean, since she started pre-K and now she’s in a classroom. She’s been in a classroom.

Chris Marti: [00:28:38] Yes. The entire bulk of her life. Yes, absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:28:42] Correct. So I can imagine, like the you know, the anxiety and the buildup and then just the fear of the unknown for her to completely leave that. But as you said, she tried it for a bit and saw that if this was going to be fruitful or she saw that, it could be very. Yes, but if it was going to be, it had to be her one thing, right? It had to be right. Her all in. And she made that decision on her own, which is what was key for me. Right. That she made that decision on her own.

Chris Marti: [00:29:09] That’s really good.

Mike Patino: [00:29:10] Especially as a husband. Yes.

Chris Marti: [00:29:11] You know. Yes, absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:29:13] You guys out there take notes.

Chris Marti: [00:29:14] I take notes.

Mike Patino: [00:29:15] But, yeah, so she she made that decision on her own. And since then, we have really seen, you know, it just open up and take path. And I’m super excited for what the future holds for her and and for you guys together in bridging that. I’m just really, really thrilled that with what things are to come. Absolutely.

Chris Marti: [00:29:34] And we’re we’re extremely thrilled to have her. I think it’s one of those things where. A lot of people are scared to make the jump, like you said. And it’s very difficult. Right. They say that they said that like all the agents that are licensed right now, one in five. So 20% of them are licensed in the last two years. Right. They’ve known nothing but order taking. Right. So that’s like a crazy stat of just, you know, a lot of newbies. Right. I think it’s important as well that people know that if you are going to get into real estate, even if you’re not looking at coming on a team like ours here, you know, obviously a lot of people from out of state watching this. I highly recommend going somewhere where there’s a support structure, right? Yes. Where there’s leads, where there’s an opportunity, because it’s hard like to.

Mike Patino: [00:30:10] Do your own thing. It’s tough. And not only on the list, but like with stuff that we talked about at the beginning of the podcast. Right. Like the lead generation for yourself, right? Building relationships, yes. And then understanding a simple sales process. Right. Because there is a process to this obviously not coming off as scripted, but there is a process to the sale and understanding that because a lot of times these folks are coming from a different industry and came into it, like you said, at an opportune time when it was really just order TV.

Chris Marti: [00:30:39] Right. It was very simple.

Mike Patino: [00:30:41] Yes. There was no real skill to it.

Chris Marti: [00:30:43] But it’s very different now.

Mike Patino: [00:30:44] It’s very different now. Very different.

Chris Marti: [00:30:45] Now. And it’s flipped really, really quickly.

Mike Patino: [00:30:47] So more than ever, you need the support system and a place that has systems. Yes. In place to help you succeed.

Chris Marti: [00:30:54] Well, and to be a big and to be, you know, to have a business, I think that’s the biggest thing, is that just like with the gym, the way you were running that multimillion dollar pal. Right. Whether you’re an independent agent. Right. One of these great brokerages, real exp. Right. Or you’re on a team, you are running your business. And what’s hard about what’s hard about your business in real estate that I think is an interesting just nugget here right is Gold’s Gym can go out of business. Bally’s can go to business, businesses file for bankruptcy all the time closed and reopen. But one thing that they do a lot of times is rename, right? It’s really hard to do that in real estate, you know what I mean? You kind of blow it, you know, you blow it. You’re kind of done.

Mike Patino: [00:31:29] Unless you get face to face. Yeah, yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:31:31] You’re selling yourself.

Mike Patino: [00:31:32] So 100%.

Chris Marti: [00:31:33] It’s crazy.

Mike Patino: [00:31:34] It’s 100% and you’re on. I used to say this all the time to my crew is like, Hey, guys, you guys are on stage, right? Seven. You’re on stage all the time. You’re constantly being watched, being observed, being judged, right? Pros and cons. So just just keep that in mind.

Chris Marti: [00:31:48] And go for the hustle. That’s good. Okay. So to interject some randomness in here, right? Let’s go sports. Let’s go sports. Right? Like, let’s go sports. Just throw it in there. So. All right. So, yes, let’s talk about this. So who’s Mikey pee? We learned about Mikey pee. We learned about the upbringing. We learned about his his gym years and kind of what gave him that worst work ethic to be a great sales person like he is in new home construction. So let’s talk about the fun side of Mikey P, the Mikey pee with the glasses on in the cigars at the at the nightclub, you know.

Mike Patino: [00:32:17] So, yeah, well, the nightclub thing changed a little bit. Okay, we only get to do that every now and again. Yes. The wife and I try and take some some Vegas trips or anything, but that happens now with kids once every two or three years.

Chris Marti: [00:32:30] Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:32:31] It used to be every week. But yeah. So now I get to smoke cigars and wear sunglasses and play cards at your house. Yeah, absolutely. That’s kind of it here.

Chris Marti: [00:32:40] And we’re raising we’re raising these children. We want to make sure you’re raising these kids properly. So let’s talk about their fandom. Like let’s talk about this because this is really important, right? So they have to be Cowboys fans, right?

Mike Patino: [00:32:51] Negative. Gross Right. That is that is a cardinal sin at my house. Yes. The Mickey Pee household, we wear green and gold. And I don’t even know how this happened. Guys, like I’m from Laredo, Mexico, you know, Texas, right? But I’m a Packer fan.

Chris Marti: [00:33:07] That’s super bizarre.

Mike Patino: [00:33:08] But cheesehead through and through. I’ve been I’ve been to Lambeau. You go to my house. There’s all kinds of Lambeau stuff.

Chris Marti: [00:33:13] Your golf cart.

Mike Patino: [00:33:14] It’s the my golf cart is a cheesehead golf cart all day.

Chris Marti: [00:33:18] So super bizarre.

Mike Patino: [00:33:20] My wife puts the little flags now or she let me let me put the flags outside now with the with the Packers Packers.

Chris Marti: [00:33:26] Flag that is super. And there’s not there’s not a catalyst for how that happened.

Mike Patino: [00:33:31] So the only thing that I could kind of tie this into so my my I’m the first born child on both sides of the family. So I’m the oldest grandson. But my uncle, my mom’s little brother, he’s about eight years old to me. So he’s like my he’s my big bro, right? So he loved the Packers growing up and sat me down and watching and I saw it was it was magic. Don Markowski was the quarterback number seven. Gosh, that’s early, early eighties maybe. Yeah. And I just I was thrilled. I was thrilled. I dug the cheesy colors cause they weren’t the flashy cowboys. And more than anything, I think I hated the Cowboys fans or anything.

Chris Marti: [00:34:09] Yes.

Mike Patino: [00:34:11] So, yeah, it was just the just from then and then we we lucked out. We sucked completely like, you know, for.

Chris Marti: [00:34:17] Gosh, we have 25 years legitimately.

Mike Patino: [00:34:19] Yeah. And then finally around my high school years like the Brett Farve. Yeah. And there we, we ran again. We ran hot and then we lucked out with Aaron. Yep. So we’ll see where we.

Chris Marti: [00:34:31] That’s super interesting. All right, so we got the football down. I know baseball. We were talking about this a little bit. You’re a big Astros fan.

Mike Patino: [00:34:37] Astros fan.

Chris Marti: [00:34:38] Absolutely. So did you all. Did you ever play baseball?

Mike Patino: [00:34:41] Yeah, 100%. So I played baseball as a kid. My favorite sport. I was on the practice squad in college. Didn’t make the cut, but. But. Yeah, I loved it. I even played softball. Right. Trying to keep my pro dreams alive.

Chris Marti: [00:34:54] Thank you for.

Mike Patino: [00:34:55] The MLB calls. I’m still available.

Chris Marti: [00:34:57] You’re ready to go?

Mike Patino: [00:34:58] I’m ready to go. I’m warmed up. That’s interesting. But now super cool because now my my son Maddox, he’s turning eight. So this past year, him and the Salinas, this kid, Jace, were on a baseball team, and, oh, my gosh, like, heart exploded. I think it was the first day. Right? And he was out on the field and he had his mike trout spikes. Yeah, looking like a stud. And I had my oakley’s right. And then my wife looked so she’s like, Oh, my God, are you crying right now? Not crying. Leave me alone. But yeah, I man, it’s too hot. But yeah, I couldn’t hold it in. It was just like, Oh my God, that’s. So I went down there and I caught the whole game for the kids. That’s so awesome.

Chris Marti: [00:35:36] That’s super incredible. So sports fandom is running hot through your household. That’s super.

Mike Patino: [00:35:42] Costly. Watching some some sort of sport right now. It’s kind of the weird time, right?

Chris Marti: [00:35:46] Because it’s super bizarre. You have baseball a little bit.

Mike Patino: [00:35:48] Baseball gets hot after the all star break, which has happened. Yeah. Go, Astros go. But but yeah, it’s that kind of that dead time man.

Chris Marti: [00:35:58] But it’s getting cancer, starting.

Mike Patino: [00:36:00] Training, excited. We saw Roger show up looking like Nicolas Cage and Con Air. Con air?

Chris Marti: [00:36:05] Yeah, absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:36:06] Which can only mean good things for the season.

Chris Marti: [00:36:08] Absolutely. That’s interesting. And y’all, it’s okay. It’s Maddox. And you have one more.

Mike Patino: [00:36:11] Little one, right? Yeah. My little guy, Memphis. So, so very interesting dynamic with those two guys, man. Those are my boys, right? So Maddox is like my wife, like, 100 spitting in me, like, good boy. Like you tell him as a kid. Right. We we lived in a two story at the time. When he finally went upstairs to his bed, we were like, All right, son, you don’t get out of your bed until mom and dad come get you. So the kid would literally lay there, Chris.

Chris Marti: [00:36:38] And he would.

Mike Patino: [00:36:39] Me he would not move till we went up there. Right. That’s just how he is.

Chris Marti: [00:36:43] That’s incredible.

Mike Patino: [00:36:44] Memphis.

Chris Marti: [00:36:44] Yes. Is the opposite.

Mike Patino: [00:36:46] Yeah, Memphis could be a little more like daddy. I think it’s what happened. But this kid, man, he’s trying to push his older brother head under the tub and under the water in the tub. He’s he’s our little. What is my wife called him her spirit.

Chris Marti: [00:37:00] The child fears his child. That is a that’s a CEO where that’s like Amazon when they’re like, hey, you know, guys, all these opportunities for improvement, you know.

Mike Patino: [00:37:10] That’s when you’re getting written off.

Chris Marti: [00:37:11] You’re like, you have all these opportunities. Spirited is one of those words where it’s like, Yeah, he’s a very spirited boy. Absolutely. With all.

Mike Patino: [00:37:18] His demons.

Chris Marti: [00:37:19] Yeah, absolutely. That’s the one that gets written up in school. Our our boy actually, I think I mentioned this on the other podcast the other day. Like, Luke goes to the same daycare that you all goes to. And the other day we got a call and they’re like, He’s biting people. And so we went to pick him up. I had to go pick him up because he was biting people. He doesn’t talk my my two year old doesn’t talk, doesn’t say any words. But, you know, he kind of understands. So we go and pick him up. And I have like three different incident reports to sign because he’s like biting three different children, you know? And it’s hard because obviously how do you talk to somebody that doesn’t talk back to you? Right. This is where, like I said, leadership, going back into leadership or you got to connect and resonate with everybody. You got to.

Mike Patino: [00:37:54] Find some ways to connect. But but to that point, Chris, a funny thing, like Maddox, like I mentioned earlier, when he was a baby, he was he was always the one getting bit right. Like we used to get calls. I get so angry, so angry and the alpha or whatever it would come out and believe me, I got suppressed in there like.

Chris Marti: [00:38:13] Suppress like the kid.

Mike Patino: [00:38:14] School banner. But yeah, he would come out because I mean, the kid was constantly getting beat up. Yeah. And then we flipped the script. We get Memphis, right? Right. Memphis the biter. So my wife was trippin, like, to the point where like, poor thing, she was like it was, she was it was weighing heavy on her a lot that we’re constantly getting write ups or calls or she’s like, Oh my God, he’s got to get expelled.

Chris Marti: [00:38:36] Yeah, I thought, I think the same thing every day.

Mike Patino: [00:38:38] And and then we also started feeling bad for, you know, the other kids. Yeah. He’s beating up and pulling hair and biting. Right. And I was like, Well, wait a minute, man. We had like six years of Maddox getting beat up. So it’s kind of what it felt like on the other side. So it’s kind of a wash. All right.

Chris Marti: [00:38:53] It’s good to watch. You had what you had one victim and one. Yeah. You know, kids are hard. Like kids are extremely hard and it’s completely different animals, especially at that age. You guys have a, what, five, six year age gap?

Mike Patino: [00:39:04] It’s a four year, four and a half year age gap.

Chris Marti: [00:39:06] Four and a half year.

Mike Patino: [00:39:07] Yeah.

Chris Marti: [00:39:07] Age, yeah.

Mike Patino: [00:39:08] That’s tough. That is.

Chris Marti: [00:39:09] Tough. It’s extremely tough. And but I think y’all I think obviously all are doing a really good job with it. And I think it’s one of those things that people don’t. Again, like when you see us in new home sales or you see us in real estate, like they they it’s hard because people don’t really take the time to know like the real like who is right, Chris Marti, who is Mike Patino. And we are dealing with the same issues that you all are. Right? It’s just it’s on a scale that it’s tough because with new home sales in real estate, you’re always available, right? You’re always available. So the kids are. Fighting. It’s 630 at night. But the phone is ringing and you’ve got to pick that up because you’re going to lose like you’re going to take a cancel somebody mad, you know, somebody just got off work and walked their home. So I think that that’s another interesting dynamic as well as parents of of people in real estate. You’re legitimately a juggler in a in a circus, you know.

Mike Patino: [00:39:56] And a multitasker by default, almost. Right. What we were talking about, I have to be. But it’s funny to that point because I mean, I could you were explaining the scenario 630 dinner chaos, right? Kids yelling, dogs barking. And you take a phone call because you might. Yeah, might cancel. Right. That was an exact case not too long ago. But it’s funny the minute that that the customers are the buyers, you know, kind of hear.

Chris Marti: [00:40:18] Yes, hear.

Mike Patino: [00:40:18] That. Oh, snap. Yep. He’s a human, right? He’s got a family. Right. They kind of like tone it down a bit and come back to come back to Earth a bit. But yeah, available 24/7.

Chris Marti: [00:40:29] Literally 24 seven gig. And I think that it’s really interesting just with the whole point of us doing this series is to connect, you know, like, hey. These guys aren’t just in these models. So you legitimately like they’re people, right? Like they’re not just there to get you, right. A lot of people feel like, you know, like, oh, they’re there to get you. They’re there to just get you to sign and things like that. And I think it’s a I think it’s interesting because we are more relatable to y’all than you might expect. You know what I mean? Like we are, we’re in the struggle bus the same way y’all are with with parenting, with the kids, with everything.

Mike Patino: [00:40:59] Well, not only that, even to to to the point, Chris, I mean, we were buyers not too long ago with you.

Chris Marti: [00:41:05] Absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:41:06] So, yeah, we were in that same boat. We were feeling the heat, too.

Chris Marti: [00:41:09] We were having to sell.

Mike Patino: [00:41:10] Yes. Talking to lenders, time crunches.

Chris Marti: [00:41:13] Get creative on financing and things like that.

Mike Patino: [00:41:16] Absolutely.

Chris Marti: [00:41:16] And I think that that’s so yes, they were clients of ours before either of them were in the new home sales world or real estate world for Britney. You know, I think that was interesting as well, because it just provides a dynamic of like y’all’s experience with us on the professional end now flipping into like a friend thing, now flipping it again, obviously, to coming back for her, moving all the way over here to work. I think that’s just interesting, too, because it shows you all just that like we. We are consistent through and through, you know, 100%. We are consistent through and through. And I think particularly for us and you all as well, like like you said, you see what you get. We’re the same kind of way, right? Like we are a constant, you know.

Mike Patino: [00:41:54] Transparency is kind of the the theme. Right.

Chris Marti: [00:41:57] Right. Absolutely. Which I think is not everybody is. You know what I mean? Not not everybody is. So I think that that’s a really neat selling point for both y’all and kind of us as a group here at Rebate House. But yeah, we’re super excited for y’all. So, you know, kind of wrapping this in closing it, I want to ask some some good like some good questions, right? So oh, so talk to me about like.

Mike Patino: [00:42:19] Here’s the cheese.

Chris Marti: [00:42:19] All right. This is this is a.

Mike Patino: [00:42:21] This.

Chris Marti: [00:42:21] Is a good one, right? So this is a good one right here. So. Okay, so you’re in Vegas, right? A lot and not any particular case. This is just he’s in Vegas. So he’s in Vegas. The diet’s out the window. He doesn’t care about his diet. You’ve been at the club all night. It’s 330, and you have to eat because you’re going to die. Where are you going? Ooh, and what are you eating?

Mike Patino: [00:42:38] So there’s several. Oh, okay. So where were we partying first? Because it matters. What? Okay, what was the vibe like?

Chris Marti: [00:42:44] Okay, well, we had a pool party or at the club. We’re at the.

Mike Patino: [00:42:46] Club. The club.

Chris Marti: [00:42:47] We’re at the club.

Mike Patino: [00:42:47] So at the club.

Chris Marti: [00:42:48] So we’re at the club. Shutting down.

Mike Patino: [00:42:49] Right, I’m shutting down.

Chris Marti: [00:42:50] Dj is.

Mike Patino: [00:42:51] Leaving. Dj is leaving. So I’m still hearing the DJ, right? So I’m probably going to want all right. In Vegas, I’m weird. Guys like my wife can tell you every time I go to Vegas, I have to have Nathan’s hot dogs. Nathan’s hot dogs. I just have to have it.

Chris Marti: [00:43:06] They those are like Coney Island or where do you get them?

Mike Patino: [00:43:08] They’re actually they’re at the MGM Little Food Court. Really? Yes. The only place that I found them and I got to go. I mean, it’s just that’s super interesting for me that that would be the one like. Dirty food, right? I guess that I would want to talk to the other place. And here’s good. I’m going to put in a plug here for my spot. Batista is holding the wall. Italian restaurant.

Chris Marti: [00:43:32] Never been.

Mike Patino: [00:43:33] Dude, it’s. It’s literally a hole in the wall. And my buddy that used to live there told us, hey, let’s come in here with us or what have you. This is a spot where, like all the locals come and yadda, yadda, yadda. So you walk in and you feel like you’re in Goodfellas, about to get whacked, like straight up. There’s a little old man with an accordion playing the moon hits your eyes like. Yeah. So the whole nine. Right. But the food is phenomenal. It’s greatly priced. But my wife and I, like, have to have to have to have to have. Batiste Yes. Every time we go. And lately the Salinas and and and us have been taking trips to Vegas past few years. We stopped there every every single time. Every time.

Chris Marti: [00:44:14] That’s interesting.

Mike Patino: [00:44:15] Super cool. You got to go. Next time. Is behind the Flamingo.

Chris Marti: [00:44:18] Behind the Flamingo on mango.

Mike Patino: [00:44:20] Yes, that’s.

Chris Marti: [00:44:20] Interesting. Okay. So we got that’s the late night. That’s the late night food. Okay. So if you are in a strongly worded disagreement and it turns into a physical altercation, who do you want on your team? Who are you calling to be? Who your boys.

Mike Patino: [00:44:35] Are real quick. My my boy, Anthony.

Chris Marti: [00:44:37] Yeah, absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:44:39] I call my boy Anthony. You got to bring the muscle over.

Chris Marti: [00:44:41] Yeah, absolutely.

Mike Patino: [00:44:42] Bring the big guy.

Chris Marti: [00:44:42] So do the people just fold when they see him because he’s like a supermodel. They’re just like, oh, we don’t want to fight this guy and.

Mike Patino: [00:44:47] Leave it alone. Oh, yeah. He comes off as like, you got to call like an Asian pro athlete one time.

Chris Marti: [00:44:53] Absolutely. I could see that.

Mike Patino: [00:44:55] Yeah. Yeah, he but funny thing, too, is our neighbor calls him on March 13. Oh.

Chris Marti: [00:45:02] Yeah, that’s super funny. So Anthony’s a guy. Okay, so Anthony’s a good one. I got the food, I got the who. Your voice. Okay, so then. All right, let’s say that like when let’s say when Maddox is 16, right? So eight more years from now. Right. And he’s kind of like young man at this point, right? You can take him anywhere in the US for the best dad, son, like coming of age story. Where are you going and where is that going to be?

Mike Patino: [00:45:27] He is going to be kind of weird because 16 I can’t really take him to Vegas. Right. And Anthony and I had this conversation about bringing the boys to Vegas and we’re going to be the old dads with them. Yeah, right. They’re still there, you know, doing it up and gambling and whatnot. But at 16 coming of age, oc OC. Ooh. I got it. It would have to be a ballpark.

Chris Marti: [00:45:48] Ballpark. Lambeau, Lambeau.

Mike Patino: [00:45:50] Lambeau Field. 100%. Me and my son, that’s. Oh, my God. I got.

Chris Marti: [00:45:54] Chills. I know. That’s good. Well.

Mike Patino: [00:45:56] If you’re hearing this, send me. Take it. Go, go.

Chris Marti: [00:45:59] I promise we’re documenting this so that we can circle back and see if we hit it on the mark. That’s really, really cool. All right. Last one for you and we’re going to wrap this up. Thank you again. So. We got that right. So let’s say that you are. Oh, man, I had a really good one. So let’s say that you on the flip side, right. That was your experience, right? Like on the flip side, right. Know, where do you envision like put yourself ten years in the future for your kids, right? Where are your kids going to want them to take you? Right. How do you think your kids are going to grow up to be like? Where do you think they want to go?

Mike Patino: [00:46:31] So I don’t know. So my kid, the older one, Maddox, you know, I said I set the Lambo thing, but think, you know, thinking it through, you know, he would want that because he knows how important it is.

Chris Marti: [00:46:42] So what would he want?

Mike Patino: [00:46:43] He would want like to go to like build a lightsaber. Oh, see Star Wars. He wants to go to Disney. I think he would have, like, the best time of his life. You know, it’s incredible. He’s a huge Star Wars fan. I think that would be really cool. Absolutely. For the little one, man. I don’t know. I guess going to be like in women’s mud wrestling or something.

Chris Marti: [00:47:02] Like, gosh, absolutely. He’s going to be like in Louisiana, you know, in the bayou, that’s.

Mike Patino: [00:47:07] Gator wrestling, wrestling gators and whatnot.

Chris Marti: [00:47:09] But we’ll have to circle back and see how that is. We’ll have to circle back and see how that age is. So anyways, Mike, I appreciate it. So guys, this was episode again for I have to count them in my head of the Marti Party. As always, we mentioned this on some of the last couple of series. Our goal is to kind of revisit some of these early episodes, you know, in the next coming years and see how things have changed, right? How the markets change. You know, real estate still going, right? Are we all even in the same profession? So now you know the real Mikey T again home. You’ll know him. We’ll drop his info. Yeah. You guys can find him right now in Maya Ranch, Princeton Classic Homes and Bella Vista Homes. And, Mike, thank you for being here.

Mike Patino: [00:47:46] Thank you for having me. If you guys want to get more Mikey pee stories, come see me out at my ranch. I’d love to talk to you out there and get to know you. And thanks for your bit house for having us.

Chris Marti: [00:47:54] Absolutely. Thanks so much, guys. Another great episode here. We’ll catch you next time.

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